Mindful eating weight loss.

Mindful eating weight loss.

Weight loss.

Weight loss.

Weight loss facts:

On one hand unexplained weight loss, regardless of the time of life that occurs, should be considered a sign of health problems. Weight loss is a symptom of many diseases, and only a doctor is able to assess all events that are related to this to help diagnose the disease. Usually weight loss is associated with diseases of the digestive system. Body weight is determined by several factors: calories, general health, age, assimilation of nutrients, etc. On the other hand there are people who need to loose weight. Nutrition specialists tips include strategies to control hunger – weight loss meal plans, strategies that can minimize calories consumed and can contribute to rapid weight loss. You have to know  that a pound of fat is accumulated after consumption of 3,500 calories. This means that if a person ate food which totaled 3,500 calories will gain a weight pound. To burn these calories is required a combination of diet and exercise plan. It may take a week or even months (depending on each person’s metabolic action) to reach the target weight using a weight loss plan diet.


Easy weight loss:

First, you must calculate the daily the calorie needs. It will be useful to know the total calories for a person, to maintain his current weight. For a person to know this value must calculate the actual  basal metabolic rate. This rate  represents the number of calories that the body needs for an optimal development of a person’s basic functions, such as breathing or digestion. Then, depending on the level and intensity of activities of each person it will be determined the appropriate number of calories of daily consumption for weight maintenance. The next step is to track the number of calories that a person actually consumed and calories burned through exercise are other activities. For this purpose we will note the foods that will be part of the diet and activities carried out during a week and then will calculate a daily average ratio between them. After this value is obtained  it can be applied weight loss formula: Total calories needed daily resulting from calories consumed  minus  burned calories. This is how we find out how  many calories could contain foods that you should eat  in a day in order to lose weight.


About extreme weight loss pills and dietary supplements:

Today, many people are overweight – so slimming products market is expanding rapidly,  from a range of pills that claim to reduce fat absorption to capsules, shakes and drops that claim to reduce the appetite and speed up metabolism. Doctors warn, however, that the adverse effects of a rapid weight loss by using pills can be extremely serious. In addition you should know that slimming medication is just  a variant for the moment and you can not live with weight loss drugs. There are two major types of weight-loss drugs: inhibitors of fat and appetite inhibitors. Appetite inhibitor is targeting the central nervous system, mimicking the feeling of satiety, by intake of serotonin, also called the hormone of happiness. Fat absorption inhibitors help resorption through  the colon of the fat  that you ingested and its elimination through excretion. Both methods force the body to loose weight having results only for a short period of time and they have no guarantee that the results will remain permanent. Also, there are  a number of dietary supplements or weight loss supplements – shakes, bars, teas, powders, drops, some of them even sold in pharmacies under the name of dietary supplements. Nutrition consultant’s advice is that when you buy a food supplement for weight loss from a pharmacy, ask the pharmacist to explain the adverse effects. The permanent use of these drugs are addictive, leading to metabolic disorders, heart rhythm disorders, edema, hyperthyroidism, autoimmune thyroiditis, cervical cancer, cystic mastoza, impotence, etc.



The best method for losing excess weight and maintaining a healthy weight is a balanced and controlled diet, a lifestyle which should eliminate bad eating habits, to include exercise in your daily routine and avoiding extreme weight loss methods.

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