Mole removal procedure. How to get rid of moles.

Mole removal procedure. How to get rid of moles.



Mole removal and plastic surgery. Mole removal faq :

Mole removal using laser is a less invasive way to remove moles without surgery and the procedure can be done directly in the office of a plastic surgeon or of a dermatologist. It will depend on the size of the moles  how many laser treatments are necessary before the moles are completely removed.

Depending on the type of moles and their location , it will be possible to need a surgery to be done. If the mole is malignant, it can be surgically removed. The operation normally will leave a scar, and this scar can be minimal as a line or can be as an oval shape. But, fortunately, most moles are benign and do not require surgery.  The surgical procedure for moles removal involves the cutting off of the mole and stitches will be used to stitch together the skin that remains.

Other methods to remove mole on skin:

Also, chemical peel or dermal abrasions are used for removing moles.

Another method is having your moles shaved off by a dermatologist, this mole removal method not being so popular as the other methods because the mole cells that are underneath  several  layers of skin could still remain and this makes possible the mole might grow back.

You can also opt for having your moles cauterized. This mole removal method does not involve any stitches and the remaining skin is burned together. The risk of infection is minimal , the  after care is important to prevent the wound from getting infected.

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