Oral health for children. Your child’s dental health.

Oral health for children. Your child’s dental health.

children's oral health

children’s oral health

Oral health in children.

Dental experts recommend:

Even before tooth eruption, clean the baby gums after each meal with a gauze soaked in water. With the advent of teeth, you use a soft bristle toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste the size of a pea.
At the age of two or three years, the child may have already learned proper brushing techniques.

Dentist schedule:

Schedule your child to a dental check even at the age of one year. Regular visits to dentist  will become a habit and will help in the future to escape the fear of the dentist.
Encourage your child to discuss about concerns regarding dental checks, but  you should never mention  the word “hurt” or “pain”.

Development of teeth:

About  the development and the care of teeth, you need to know:
Milk teeth (temporary) are in number 20 and they fully erupt around the age of three years, their order of appearance is different.
Permanent teeth appear around the age of six years beginning with the first molar and lower central incisor. The process continues until the age of 21 years. Adults have  at least 28 and up to 32 permanent teeth (including molars 4 – wisdom teeth).


We recommend washing your teeth twice a day.
The change of the brush is recommended every 3-4 months.
Ask your dentist about fluoride supplements,  recommendations that can be administered to children. Studies have shown high efficiency of these products in the prevention of cavities.


Caries and gingivitis in children can be avoided only if you will impose an early  proper oral hygiene. Routine oral hygiene should be made ​​in the early years and should last throughout the entire life.

This blog post is an educational resource only and does not replace a medical consultation with a doctor .

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