Orthodontics. Braces. Teeth straightening.

Orthodontics. Braces. Teeth straightening.

Braces, teeth straightening

Braces. Teeth straightening.


Orthodontics and teeth straightening.

What we retain in general from Orthodontics is the idea of ” straight teeth” which an orthodontist attempts to achieve by means of mobile or fixed orthodontic devices.

What problems treats orthodontics:

Orthodontics treats problems such as malocclusion and malposition ( incorrect closure of the mouth and incorrect position of the teeth). The majority of cases treated by orthodontists are those of displacement of teeth, but there are other possible problems : teeth which have ” rotated” from their normal angle , teeth which are to in front or to in the back , in comparison with the normal position on the arcade, etc. Firstly , the orthodontist concentrates on solving these byte print and teeth alignment problems.

Braces for your perfect smile:

Although we are always interested in the aesthetic aspect, our orthodontist is preoccupied with a correct positioning of the tooth on the arcade, in the correct angle . It is true that perfectly aligned teeth look very well, but is is more important that a correct alignment to reduce articular pain of the jaws, mastication problems, the teeth to be easier to brush , the use of dental floss to be easier , and all these to be improved with dental hygiene that is also beneficial to health and  to avoid parodontosis. The dentition is the main ” hero” of this treatment (orthodontics treatment) , which has as a result the correct positioning of the teeth and the perfect smile.

This blog post is an educational resource only and does not replace a medical consultation with a doctor .

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Medical tourism in Romania. dental braces 2

Medical tourism in Romania. dental braces 2

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