Medical tourism FAQ

Medical tourism FAQ

Other possible questions you may have concerning your medical holiday abroad

–       How many days should I plan for the whole treatment abroad ?

You should plan between 3 – 18 days for your medical treatment depending on your procedure and the period recommended by the doctor, in order to complete your treatment.

(Please take note that for cosmetic surgery  abroad one full day of relaxation is necessary prior to plastic surgery).

–      What happens if there is any complication after procedure?

Complications are extremely rare. Doctors will explain everything to you during your online and offline meeting. Doctors do everything to decrease the complication risk to minimum. If any early complications occur it will be treated immediately at the clinic you have chosen. Later complications are very rare and you will discuss all situations with your chosen doctor.

–      Will I be informed about the further life style – diet, exercise, supplements and other issues?

Yes, your chosen doctor will inform you about everything. You will be given also written recommendations and these recommendations will be translated into your desired language. (Translation fee not included).

–        What other things should I take with me?

You should take: your documents, your personal toiletries, your slippers and some clothes to change, something to read, write or listen, the will to follow doctor’s medical instruction and a positive thinking.

–      Can I contact somebody if I will have some problems or questions after I am back home?

Yes, we and the medical staff will be there for you all the time via email, Skype or phone.

–        How much money I save on my medical procedure abroad ?

Depending on the medical procedure, and even including traveling expenses, a medical tourist can usually save between 40% – 70% in their medical bills.

–        What medical expenses will I have beside the medical treatment price?

Generally  for any items not included in the medical procedure price, such as: medical tests, hospitalization if it exceeds the number of days of free or discount price, additional medical tests recommended by the doctor after the consultation, translator fee if necessary.

–        IMPORTANT!

– It is very important that you provide timely, accurate and real information in order for us to deliver the medical tourism service to you. Failure to provide the information may result in INTERMEDLINE delaying or being unable to provide the services to you. We always ensure ourselves that the personal and medical information we collect, use and disclose to our services providers are complete and correct. By submitting your information forms you agree to let INTERMEDLINE and the clinics to use your data only for the purpose of medical use. We ensure confidentiality of information at all times and none of the information provided will be used in the future without your written permission, with respect to our confidentiality policies and procedures.

– The information sent through email/Skype/phone should not be relied upon as a medical consultation. This media communication is not designed to replace a physician’s independent judgment about the appropriateness risks of procedure or about the final price of a procedure for a given patient.

– Our role at INTERMEDLINE is to act as a third party, medical tourism facilitator between the clinics, doctors, health and wellness centers, hotels, travel agency we are affiliated with and yourself, as we endeavour to work in your best interests as part of this process. INTERMEDLINE plays the role of a  medical tourism facilitator company and none of their employees hold medical qualifications. Because of this INTERMEDLINE does not undertake any responsibility for an eventual unsuccessful result of the medical treatment  abroad or if the client is unsatisfied with the result nor is liable for any compensations. The client must be aware of the responsibility which is undertaken by the private medical clinic where the medical procedure has been done. Also, the patient must follow all the instruction given by the doctors or any other staff at the clinic otherwise the clinic itself won’t be able to undertake responsibility in case of any type of damage.

– All procedures should be thoroughly understood and if there is any aspect that you do not understand please seek the doctors clarifications. Our liability is limited to a duty of care in our capacity as a third party facilitator.

– The patient must take responsibility of his/her arrival on the mutually agreed date. INTERMEDLINE does not  take responsibility in case of delayed flight or in case some of the requested documents are missing.

– INTERMEDLINE does not offer medical or legal advice. Our aim is to provide our customers access to quality, world class medical services at affordable prices. Our role is to act as a marketing agent for medical facilities and arrange medical treatment packages with the option to include a trip or a holiday package. This way we will take the hard work for you by  doing the all necessary bookings to the service providers and because of this you don’t have to worry about anything and you can concentrate on getting treated and recovering. But, please note we do not offer any medical advice and we are not liable for the actions of third parties. You also must know that we never endorse one particular clinic, medical specialist, healthcare center, accommodation place or travel tours over another. We provide you with all the information we have regarding the chosen facilities and specialists and the decision is yours to make. A large part of our service to you is to collect the necessary medical information and send it to the physician you have chosen. We also collect your past medical history, list of current medications and other relevant data. We facilitate the entire process while respecting your privacy. We also facilitate discussions between your local physician and our physicians and if needed, a form will be sent to you to sign for release of medical information. This is to allow us to collect your medical information from your family doctor or specialist such as test results and consultant’s notes if it is necessary. Once home, we will continue to follow up with you and we will facilitate the transfer of necessary medical records to your family doctor or local specialist. If any questions or issues arise, correspondence with the physician who performed the procedure may be arranged and they will work together to deal with these issues. We know that the post care period is equal important as the procedure itself. Proper consultation and evaluation by a physician is necessary to know exactly what you require, how it will be done and what the potential outcome will be. We encourage conversation between you, your local physician / specialist and the physician abroad to ensure that the procedure or treatment you are seeking is appropriate and safe for you as individual.


Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments. Your feedback welcome!

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