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The marketing that change everything.

We all know that nowadays marketing is essential  for selling products or services. You and I have more competition than ever. Our prospects see hundreds, if not thousands of emails, banners, PPC ads and Facebook posts , because they are constantly bombarded with the latest marketing methods. For this reason, your marketing has to be unique and different from your competition, it has to represent your products and services , your personality, your image , your brand. Brands like people have personality and this is what can make it or break it on the market.

The internet is one of the most important type of media that can sell for your business. It represents an entire process and once you WORK this process, it CAN works for you like magic.

Besides this, one great thing about marketing on internet is it’s all very trackable, if you do it right. That means you can easily and quickly figure out what works BEST for your business.

The three most important elements that must be in place for your core marketing to work are:

  • Knowing who you really are , being authentic and showing it;
  • Knowing what your ideal client really wants and who they  are;
  • Keeping everything in your business ( your marketing, your offerings, your team) 100% aligned with your core, authentic self and what the market wants;

If you seriously take in consideration that people crave for experience more than things , that people crave authenticity, that people crave meaning and community and that people crave genuine quality, than your marketing will be strong and fruitful.

For this , you have to develop genuine gift of doing what you do , the services , the products you offer and making it the very best out there. You have to be one of the very best in your entire industry at what you do, because the community is going to talk among themselves and if you genuinely providing the best value , they will definitely let everybody know about it. This is what attracts customers and increases sells.

We are here to help you and we are ready to provide you our internet marketing services.

  • Web development : At Intermedline, we understand the requirements of our clients for developing a website accordingly with their needs. We understand that the construction and the web development is crucial for your business and that your website must have a perfect and modern structure to function at its maximum potential on internet market. We working for creating websites and our experts will listen carefully your needs and desires such that in the shortest time you’ll have your desired website in a perfect condition.
  • Web design: At Intermedline, we understand that your brand is unique and everything that is connected to it must have this unique touch, including the design of your website. We know that the web design is very important because humans think in images and by entering on your website a potential client will meet you for the first time. And always first impression matters. We also know that the design must be perfectly blended with the process of navigation on your website. These are the main reasons why your website has to be unique and pleasurable both in terms of aesthetics and navigation. And these are the things that make visitors to come back and to stay longer on your website, to read your content and to share this content and your offerings with their friends.
  • Content writing: we all know that nowadays content is the king. Having an original and quality content constantly updated on your website or blog will increases your traffic and your visitors will spend more time on your website reading valuable and helpful information. They’ll share your attractive content with their friends and this thing will help you to put your name and your entire original stuff in the whole internet light. People crave for knowledge and quality and if your content has authenticity people will ask for more and they will naturally and instantly share your content with other people.The team of writers we work with have the necessary skills and experience to provide you with the best type of content you need for your business; Article marketing: the great thing is once you write it, your articles will generate traffic to your site as long as they are searchable. We only write them once and they pay you back with traffic again and again; Blogs: blogs can be a very effective marketing tool if you infuse your content with the right SEO strategies , like keywords and track backs. When someone goes to the search engine to look for info and your site pop up high in the rankings, you are seen as credible , authoritative site. The higher you are in the organic listings the more people will visit your site.
  •  Internet marketing strategies: we provide you the following Internet methods and  marketing strategies:
    • List building : it is the most important asset in your business because you can develop quickly relationship with these in your target market , you can inform, you can inspire and you can improve lives of those who subscribe. You can show your prospects the BENEFITS of what you have to offer and it helps you to develop credibility and rapport with them;
    • Organic search listing : these are listings of sites they are not paid for that naturally come up in the search engines. We want to think up a list of keywords that match what you’re offering with the words people will type into Google to find your site. And then we can program these keywords into your site code and you’ll immediately increase your chances of getting more traffic;
    • PPC ads : with target BUYER keywords , focus on the BENEFITS for the reader. This is a great way to get instant traffic. This stream might sounds like it could get expensive , but it guarantees your business gets exposure, which organic listing simply don’t. Money buys speed. So, just make sure you can allocate a little cash in your marketing budget towards a PPC ad and you’ll definitely benefit.
    • Email Marketing: lean on Intermedline to help drive and nurture leads through integrated email marketing. Intermedline’s email program feature creative design and content that harness the interactivity of the web for maximum effect, backed by strategy and execution that maximize your budget. Services include everything from campaign strategy and creative development to media planning and management.
    • Web video marketing : web video is a great way to stimulate the sense of your audience. Each of us absorbs information differently: some people learn better by hearing, others by seeing and others by reading. Video is a great way to show everyone who you are and infuse a little personality into your message. We can create for you different types of video: ” how-to ” videos – most people learn best when they can see and hear what needs to be done ; video testimonials – nothing is more powerful that SEEING someone talk about the benefit of a product or service .This way the viewer can see the emotion, can hear the excitement, could relate to their story on a very human level. Video testimonials can be placed on your blog or website to show social proof and get others excited about signing up for your offer ; promotional videos: many people might be curious about an up coming event or teleseminar, but many not feel like reading all the details. We can help you create a short video that provides more info about your event; sales videos: we can help you create videos to actually sell your products ; teaser videos : if you have video of a live event you held , a speech you’ve given or anything else that shows you in ACTION, we can use them to put the most important segments on the web; product review videos: people love video reviews and an honest review establishes your credibility and integrity; video testimonials for others : most people would love to have video testimonials on their site ;
    • case studies: are extremely popular and increases the sales if they are done right ;
    • story telling : stories have a strong emotional pull and draw the viewer in. You can tell your own before-and-after story or those of others you have helped;
    • Social  networking : with social sites like Facebook ( 1,15 billion users ) , Google+ ( 1 billion users), Twitter (550 million users, Pinterest (20 million users) , Instagram ( 150 million users), YouTube ( 1 billion users each month) do you still have doubts you can reach your clients by social networking? We will help you to create an interested fan base full of people in your target market and we will help you to create irresistible offers that you promote on your page in order to convert your fans to warm leads and then eventually in paying customers. We can also help you to place social media ad whether is Facebook , Twitter or LinkedIn. People crave meaning and community. If you are true with who you are and showing it to the world you are naturally going to develop a following. Those people are going to want to connect with each other because they all share similar values and beliefs. People want to be part at something bigger than themselves and if you tap into that , your market becomes effortless. As you develop a tribe, they are all friends with each other , they are going to invite their friends to join the tribe and follow you too. Your marketing must be focused on speaking from your core essence to their core essence. If you do this consistently , you will develop a following and they will be extremely loyal to you because nobody else out there is probably speaking to them as clearly as you are. As you share how you are stepping into your core essence they are going to really resonate with that.


  • SEO: it is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” listings on search engines. All major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing have such results, where web pages and other content such as videos or local listings are shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users. We want to think up to a list of keywords that match what you’re offering with the words people will type into Google to find your site. And then we can program these keywords into your site code and you’ll immediately increase your chances of getting more traffic.
  • Media and publication: Public relations is about getting your name out there and maintaining a high profile image for you and for your business. Press it’s another piece of your marketing puzzle and an effective way to get people to your site. This way you will obtain: additional traffic, content syndication, increased credibility and authority in your niche , better search engine rankings through new sites providing links back to your site, open doors to new opportunities and partners. We can also give you assistance with media and publications accordingly to your needs and desires.
  • Offline events marketing: In person interaction makes you more memorable , relatable, and certainly more approachable. Your goal with offline marketing is to find your ideal prospects and other business owners who interact with your ideal customers. We can help you with assistance for your offline events.