Medical tourism in Egypt

Medical tourism in Egypt

Medical tourism in Egypt

Medical tourism in Egypt, advice provided by our medical tourism company, specialized in consulting. With its Pharaonic monuments, it is considered one of the top tourist destinations in the world. But in the recent years, another kind of tourism is developing in the country, medical tourism.

Medical tourism in Egypt offers for  tourists, mostly Western, medical care at lower costs, but the health system for “local” patients still has much to improve. The concept is to provide an environment, hospitable holidaymaker with a relatively low cost compared to tariffs in developed countries. To attract more tourists, some emerging countries are willing to build large luxury hotels and specialized centers, equipped with the best medical equipment and  best services  for cosmetic surgery, dental, for rehabilitation or for the  treatment of serious diseases such as orthopedics, cardiology, oncology or other.

In medical tourism  arena , Egypt has excelled  because it has a way to vary the tourism offer in its direction. The ambition is even to become a global hub for medical tourism by better exploiting the natural and tourism potential in the region of the Red Sea. Indeed, this area already attracts thousands of European visitors who come for treatment in specialized tourist resorts. At a conference held in the regional capital, Hurghada, the authorities announced a strengthening of the means to develop these centers dedicated to medical tourism.

Egypt has several factors to succeed , with its existing and well developed tourism infrastructure, as well as experience in cultural tourism or the seaside holiday, the country thinks  it will exceed its competitors. Egypt also has a rich and varied range of treatment centers and SPA. To complete the picture, the authorities want to increase the construction of clinics and hospitals in the region of the Red Sea to increase the number of tourists who choose medical tourism in Egypt.

We currently counsel you in dealing with hospitals and clinics in Egypt, such as  : Children’s Cancer Hospital Foundation /  Hospital 57357 , Dar Al Fouad Hospital, As – Salam Internationsl Hospital, and more.

You can see the complete list of clinics, hospitals and prices in Egypt  below on this page, at Intermedline Offers.

We mention the following medical specialties/  medical treatments/ surgeries:

  • General Surgery,
  • Neurosurgery,
  • Oncology,
  • Pediatrics,
  • Urology,
  • Allergology,
  • Bariatric Surgery,
  • Bariatric Surgery Consultation,
  • Gastric Bypass Surgery,
  • Sleeve Gastrectomy,
  • Cardiology,
  • Colorectal Medicine,
  • Dermatology,
  • Diagnostic Imaging,
  • Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT),
  • Endocrinology,
  • Gastroenterology,
  • General Medicine,
  • General Surgery,
  • Gynecology,
  • Hair Restoration,
  • Immunology,
  • Maxillofacial Surgery,
  • Neonatology,
  • Nephrology,
  • Neurology,
  • Neurosurgery,
  • Oncology,
  • Ophthalmology,
  • Orthopedics,
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation,
  • Pulmonary and Respiratory Medicine,
  • Reproductive Medicine,
  • Rheumatology,
  • Spinal Surgery,
  • Urology,
  • Vascular Medicine

The  prices of your  treatments / surgeries, medical tourism in Egypt,  will be fixed in a personal  treatment plan (which depends mostly on personal health condition).

It begins by you supplying with your medical details , outlining the problem and attaching reports ( X-Rays, CT/MRI scan , USG , pathological reports ) , a summary of medical observation, other medical reports.

After reviewing your medical reports the team of doctors in Egypt will be informed about your ailment and they will estimate a price and a course of treatment.  Based on this , it will be then estimated the cost  of the entire process of medical tourism in Egypt.

Note: Therapeutic and surgical indication, the optimal solution for each patient will be determined by doctors from the hospital in Egypt and this thing requires the patient’s presence in hospital for consultation. Any documents or photos sent in advance for evaluation are for information only and cannot replace the consultation in the hospital. The solution for treatment, risks and costs communicated via email are estimated. Doctors in the hospital reserve the right to refuse people without surgical/treatment indication, or who have significant risks or have unrealistic expectations about the outcome of the surgery/ treatment.

Contact us for advise of medical treatment or surgical procedure you wish for in Egypt and we will answer you in the shortest time possible regarding medical tourism in Egypt , information , offers, packages, options and services .


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