Medical tourism in United Arab Emirates

Medical tourism in United Arab Emirates

Medical tourism in United Arab Emirates

Medical tourism in United Arab Emirates advice provided by our medical tourism company, specialized in consulting.  It is known that in U.A.E , Dubai has already attracted 260,000 medical tourists in the first half of 2015, an increase of 12 percent compared to the same period a year ago. The United Arab Emirates offers more than 2,700 health care facilities which provide quality services with affordable prices and Dubai aims to become a hub of medical tourism in the region. Thanks to its high-end infrastructure in transport, hotels and hospitals, but also due to its beaches and shopping  centers , Dubai seems to  offer all the criteria to become a center of medical tourism in the Middle East.  For now, 40% of medical tourists come from outside the country , mainly from the neighboring Gulf countries but also from other places in the world.

The global medical tourism market is currently estimated at $ 60 billion. Many countries have chosen to invest in medical tourism by building facilities with the low cost of care (India, Thailand, Poland), the others put the accent only on their quality (United Arab Emirates, USA, Germany) .The health tourism in the Gulf countries  has the wind in its sails in Dubai that will control the care received by foreign travelers  starting with medical ,  cosmetic surgery till  dentistry and  eye operation. The use of medical visits in Dubai expects a continued growth in the number of medical tourists  in the next years  and  medical tourism in the UAE  will grew by 15% per year because  the country is carving a reputation throughout the Gulf countries and beyond for the expertise and quality of the  patient care. Its hospitals and health care infrastructure already attracts an increasing number of regional and international patients.

The rising costs of health care in Europe , United States  or Canada are pushing  many people to find quality and affordable  solutions abroad  , reason why the medical tourism market is booming in the UAE and Saudi Arabia and is attracting more and more foreign patients. Being located close to Europe, Africa and Asia, UAE offers an enormous potential to develop medical tourism in this region . But also, Dubai is appropriately positioned to attract tourists from around the world to take advantage of the best health care services. The medical facilities offered in this region have a lower price compared to other markets around the world and  medical tourism can become a major source of revenue for the United Arab Emirates  if the full potential of this industry is tapped and this will definitely help to the further grow of  the medical tourism industry.

We currently counsel you in dealing with clinics in United Arab Emirates., such  as : Dr. Faris medical de laborator, Canadian specialist Spital, Al Salama Hospital, Al Ahalia Hospital, Zulekha Hospital, RAK Hospital, Spitalul Lifeline, Prof. Dr. Ashok Govila Dubai, Clinica Stomatologica Noa, LifeWay Centrul medical de specialitate, Bioscience Clinic Orientul Mijlociu – FZLLC, Arabia german Spitalul din Dubai, Medeor 24/7 Hospital, and other. 

You can see the complete list of clinics, hospitals and prices in United Arab Emirates, below on this page , at Intermedline Offers.

We mention the following medical specialties/  medical treatments/ surgeries:

  • diagnostics
  • radiology & imaging
  • dentistry
  • plastic and cosmetic surgery
  • cardiology
  • dermatology
  • endocrinology
  • gastroenterology
  • internal medicine
  • nephrology
  • pediatrics and neonatology
  • psysiotherapy
  • psychiatry
  • pulmonology
  • rheumatology
  • general and laparoscopic surgery
  • obstretics and gynecology
  • ophthalmology
  • otolaringology
  • pediatric surgery
  • urology
  • vascular surgery
  • nutrition

The  prices of your  treatments / surgeries, medical tourism in United Arab Emirates,  will be fixed in a personal  treatment plan (which depends mostly on personal health condition).

It begins by you supplying with your medical details , outlining the problem and attaching reports ( X-Rays, CT/MRI scan , USG , pathological reports ) , a summary of medical observation, other medical reports.

After reviewing your medical reports the team of doctors in United Arab Emirates will be informed about your ailment and they will estimate a price and a course of treatment.  Based on this , it will be then estimated the cost  entire process of medical tourism in United Arab Emirates .

Note: Therapeutic and surgical indication, the optimal solution for each patient will be determined by doctors from the hospital in United Arab Emirates  and this thing requires the patient’s presence in hospital for consultation. Any documents or photos sent in advance for evaluation are for information only and cannot replace the consultation in the hospital. The solution for treatment, risks and costs communicated via email are estimated. Doctors in the hospital reserve the right to refuse people without surgical/treatment indication, or who have significant risks or have unrealistic expectations about the outcome of the surgery/ treatment.

Contact us for advise for medical treatment or surgical procedure you wish for in U.A.E and we will answer you in the shortest time possible regarding medical tourism in United Arab Emirates , information , offers, packages, options and services .

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