Medical tourism in United Kingdom

Medical tourism in United Kingdom

Medical tourism in United Kingdom

Medical tourism in United Kingdom  provided by our medical tourism company.  On one hand,  medical tourism in United kingdom is lower than that of UK residents traveling for medical reasons abroad. On other hand , in the last years , only a few thousands of people came to the UK in order to receive treatment , against 63,000 nationals who have made the opposite way. Note that British citizens are looking mainly in the clinics and hospitals of their neighbors access to care to which they are not entitled to their homes (related to fertility treatments, plastic surgery , dentistry and so on…) or for which the wait is too long . Moreover, this migration flow is relatively stable over the last decade, while the number of UK residents traveling abroad increases over the same period. Yet, the answer to the question of costs and benefits of medical tourism in U.K.  is affirmative: foreigners bring several million euros to the British health system.

Eighteen hospitals (chosen to be the most susceptible to welcome foreigners) were scrutinized and the conclusion was that medical tourists directly injected 50 million euros.  This is a large sum in relation to the proportion of patients treated.  in fact, in hospitals analyzed medical tourists represent 7% of patients but they generated 25% of revenues. The fact is that  the foreign patients who traveled  for specialized medical treatment, required more expensive procedures than average.
Moreover, these “medical tourists” are as simple “tourists” who come each year across the UK, they would spend 260 million euros in hotels, restaurants, shopping and transportation.

We currently deal with  hospitals and clinics in United Kingdom:  Zenith Cosmetic Clinics – Nottingham, Zenith Cosmetic Clinics – London, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust – St. Mary’s Hospital, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust – Hammersmith Hospital, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust – Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea Hospital, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust – Charing Cross Hospital, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust – Western Eye Hospital,  SmilePod – Moorgate, SmilePod – Covent Garden, SmilePod – Canary Wharf (Jubilee), SmilePod – Soho, Forest & Ray – London, Sonria Dental Clinic, SmilePod – Canary Wharf, SmilePod – Bank, Firstdent, Kensington Dental Spa.

You can see the complete list of clinics, hospitals and prices in United Kingdom  , below on this page, at Intermedline Offers.

 We mention the following medical specialties/  medical treatments/ surgeries:

  • plastic and cosmetic surgery
  • women’s health and neonatal
  • ophthalmology
  • dentistry
  • oncology
  • gynecology
  • neurology
  • paediatrics
  • materinity
  • imaging
  • pathology

The  prices of your  treatments / surgeries, medical tourism in United Kingdom ,  will be fixed in a personal  treatment plan (which depends mostly on personal health condition).

We begin by you supplying us with your medical details , outlining your problem and attaching reports ( X-Rays, CT/MRI scan , USG , pathological reports ) , a summary of medical observation, other medical reports.

After reviewing your medical reports our team of doctors in United Kingdom will be informed about your ailment and they will estimate a price and a course of treatment.  Based on this , we will then estimate the cost  entire process of medical tourism in United Kingdom .

Note: Therapeutic and surgical indication, the optimal solution for each patient will be determined by doctors from the hospital in United Kingdom and this thing requires the patient’s presence in hospital for consultation. Any documents or photos sent in advance for evaluation are for information only and cannot replace the consultation in the hospital. The solution for treatment, risks and costs communicated via email are estimated. Doctors in the hospital reserve the right to refuse people without surgical/treatment indication, or who have significant risks or have unrealistic expectations about the outcome of the surgery/ treatment.

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