Medical tourism packages for small, medium and large companies.

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Medical tourism for companies. Companies or Employers, as well, can gain outstanding benefits for the employees by simply accessing medical tourism services abroad and affordable health care services overseas..

Coming to our medical tourism destinations in Europe: Romania, Hungary, Poland, Croatia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, United Kingdom ; Asia: India, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore,  Israel, United Arab Emirates; North & South  America: Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Dominican Republic; Africa: Morocco, Tunisia, South Africa and other countries worldwide,  represents a very smart decision, as the costs for dental tourism,  cosmetic dentistry, plastic and cosmetic surgery, as well as for an entire range of medical treatments and surgeries or spa treatments, may be lower than in your country and could help you saving an important amount of money you could use for other purposes.

In our medical tourism destinations you will find with our advice affordable dentists abroad, the best cost of the cosmetic surgery abroad, the best spa and wellness packages or other medical treatments/ surgeries abroad. The medical treatments overseas are similar and often even better than those in your country, many of our doctors being certified by prestigious medical associations.

Our medical tourism consultancy company puts at your fingertips the best medical, dental, plastic surgery clinics , hospitals and health centers abroad, in Romania, India, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Israel and other countries worldwide  fully endowed with the last generation apparatus and the best medical specialists with high qualification at the best medical travel prices for a  medical treatment overseas. We have carefully selected our partners with medical, dental, plastic surgery clinics and hospitals abroad and doctors to work with, based on the most important factors: evidence of their excellent  medical past work, experience, health care service and medical treatments price.

Don’t think that low price means low quality. Quite the contrary: the cost advantage comes in with the low cost of living and wages in Romania, India, Turkey,   or other medical tourism destinations we have on our website compared to those in the USA, UK and Western Europe.

The low prices of medical procedures abroad, in Romania, India, Turkey, and other countries but also the modern equipment, the high standards of healthcare, as well as top quality materials for procedure, represent important attractions for:

–  companies wishing to cut their costs with medical insurance for their employees;

–  self funded companies

–  insurance companies;

– companies wishing to reward their employees for their performance with wonderful  medical tourism services and wellness offers or health bonuses;

–  governments

–  other institutions

–  self employed individuals

At INTERMEDLINE, our main goal, when we work with other companies, is to help by counsel them for reducing their costs by offering information and advice on a broad range of the best medical and travel deals abroad,  in  medical tourism destinations featured on our site, namely  Romania, Hungary, Poland, Croatia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, United Kingdom, India, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore,  Israel, United Arab Emirates; Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Morocco, Tunisia, South Africa and other countries worldwide, from which they can easily and confidently choose the medical tourism offers or medical travel packages meeting all their requirements.

We are specialized to help you in finding the best solutions for your medical and travel needs, and we are ready at any time to give you all the answers and medical travel expertise that you may require.

In terms of MEDICAL SERVICES, we can offer you:

–  advice for top private medical, dental, plastic surgery clinics and hospitals abroad and top medical specialists  abroad;

–  advice for top, safe and affordable cosmetic dentistry;

–  advice for top, safe and affordable plastic surgery for all types of cosmetic surgery procedures;

–  advice for top balneary deals, spa offers, wellness packages and health resorts with thermal spas and natural therapies.

– advice for other medical treatments and surgeries

As  for TRAVEL SERVICES ABROAD, we can offer you:

– guidance for  fixed or tailor-made sightseeing tours with guidance in any language;

–  guidance for cultural tourism;

–  guidance for business tourism;

–  guidance for nature and adventure tourism (canoeing, hiking, paragliding, skiing, climbing, overnight boarding with local families, fishing, nature trek, educational adventure tours and much more);

–  guidance for plane tickets;

– guidance for any type of accommodation, rent-a-car, transfers airport / harbor/ hotel; special transfer (for persons with disabilities, special equipment, i.e. for festivals, bands, musicians, etc.);

– guidance for travel insurance.

The company accessing our medical tourism  consulting provider company, will be  able to:

–  cut the costs related to the medical insurance paid to the employees;

–  improve and maintain the health of the employees;

–  offer to the employees a wonderful medical travel vacation, where they will be able to:

  • improve their health
  • visit historical and exceptional cities and outstanding medieval castles;
  • enjoy the beautiful and unique, almost untouched nature, great mountain landscapes;
  • spend the time inside peaceful and beautiful monasteries;
  • discover an amazing diverse wildlife in various areas;
  • visit fascinating caves;
  • tan in the sun in the beautiful and modern spas ;
  • find out more about an interesting history of a foreign country;

You can also get information about low-cost dental packages abroad or important discounted medical tourism offers for employees within the dental clinics in Romania specified on our medical tourism website (many of them have more offices, especially for dental sector – thus a larger capacity for receiving more clients ; we currently have as providers on our network more dental clinics in Romania with their numerous offices), medical spa treatments in spa hotels in Romania or treatments/ surgeries  in other medical, dental clinics ,  health or spa  centers  and prestigious hospitals in our medical travel destinations Romania,  India,  Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Israel and other countries worldwide.

For medical associations, insurance companies or other large organizations, who are looking to send large number of patients for medical treatment on ongoing basis, we have can arrange  to bring their representatives to introduce them to the senior management of the hospitals and spa hotels we have contact with.

As we offer counsel for facilitation on the best medical tourism services, offers and packages in Romania, India, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Israel and other countries worldwide,   as well as excellent medical tourism prices, we can provide  information for the customization according to the needs and requirements of each company, we kindly invite you to contact us and tell us your requirements, and we will create guidance for medical tourism packages tailored to the needs of your company.

We include on our advice for offers in Turkey and the organization of business meetings, seminars, symposiums, visits and congresses. An event entails several needs in a number of areas including accommodation, transport, transfer, ticket, human resources, design, printing, office supplies and technical services. We offer you information for package solutions at a single point of contact , in various languages for international events or meetings with  foreign participation.


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