Radiology. About chest xray.

Radiology. About chest xray.

chest xray

chest xray

What does a chest x-ray:

Chest xray  radiography is an image of the chest where you can see the heart, lungs, airways, blood vessels and lymph nodes. In chest xray  radiography may also be examined and chest bones and sternum, ribs, collarbone and spinal  region . Chest xray radiography is the most common imaging to discover problems within the chest. A chest xray radiography may reveal problems of organs and structures inside the chest. Usually two xray radiographs are done,  to rear and to one side. In an emergency situation  is  done only one anterior chest x-ray radiograph. There are situations in which the doctor does not get all the information it needs in a chest X-ray. In this case, is  recommended performing other  x-rays or other complex tests such as ultrasound or computed tomography (CT).


What does a chest xray?

Chest xray discovers the cause of symptoms such as cough, chest pain or respiratory insufficiency, discovers lung and pneumonia conditions , lung cancer, pneumothorax, fibrosis, discovers heart problems such as enlarged heart, heart failure or problems that cause fluid buildup in the lungs and pulmonary edema, it helps the examination of wounds to the chest  such as broken ribs, discovers a foreign body such as coins or small pieces of metal into the esophagus, trachea or lungs, it checks if a tube, catheter or other medical instrument has been inserted correctly into the lungs, heart, blood vessels or stomach.


Chest xray results:

Chest xray results are normal if : lungs are normal in size and shape, there are no excrecentes or tumors,  pleural space look normal; the heart is in a normal size, blood vessels at the base of the heart are normal in size, shape, appearance; bones, including the spine, look normal; diaphragm looks normal and in an usual position; there is no accumulation of fluid.

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