Rehydrate the body with fruits and vegetables.

Rehydrate the body with fruits and vegetables.



Rehydrate the body with fruits and vegetables:

We can move more easily over the adverse effects of the summer if we include in our diet fruits and vegetables , rich in water, and vitamins, minerals and sugars, which hydrate more the body.


It is one of the ideal sources of hydration on hot days because it contains water at a rate of 94%. A cure for several days with watermelon detoxify the body, purifies the blood and helps in losing weight. Watermelon can be used to treat gallstones and  kidney stones, obesity, rheumatism, and it is good for heart disease prevention.


Main components of this type of melon are, first of all, water, and vitamins A, B and C. Due to their laxative and diuretic properties it is recommended in diets and it is good for the regeneration of tissues. In cosmetics, it can be used as a moisturizing mask for skin, vitamin C contained in it is acting as a tonic for the skin.


They have fewer calories and 95% water( they have  hydration properties). Consumed in the form of juice on an empty stomach, cucumbers drives away the headaches caused by the heat and sunstroke. They are also recommended for people with diabetes, indigestion, obesity, and pregnant women, because it reduces nausea and vomiting.


It  detoxifies the body, moisturizes the skin and the hair and have  hydration properties for the whole body. Due to the high content of potassium, tomatoes strengthen the immune system, protect the heart, prevent certain types of cancer, maintain healthy bones (due to vitamin K), combat diabetes, obesity and thrombophlebitis. The lycopene from tomatoes stimulates the  body to  fight with infections.


First, the peaches have a strong moisturizing effect for the body because they contain 80% water and they are  excellent in diets due to low calories. They are recommended in the treatment of conditions such as anemia, gastritis or hypertension. The cosmetic industry also uses peaches for the cosmetic benefits, these constitute the basic ingredients of cosmetic fruit creams.


The fragrant and juicy pears have many properties: they are  nutrient, laxative, diuretic, remineralizing fruits, they contribute to the  strengthening of the immune system, etc. Also, consumption  of  fresh pears combat stress and fatigue, they  regulate digestion and  they treat bouts of coughing. In cosmetic industry, the pears are used in moisturizing and cleaning the face, and  for the preparation of masks against the acne.

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