Rhinoplasty or Nose surgery.

Rhinoplasty or Nose surgery.


Rhinoplasty Before

Plastic surgery in Romania

Plastic surgery in Romania


Rhynoplasty is a cosmetic surgery for the nasal pyramid, being one of the most requested interventions. Rhynosplaty is a surgical technique that restructures and reshapes the natural nose shape by correcting traumatism misshapes or hereditary disproportions.


Rhinoplasty can be performed only for aesthetic purposes, reconstructive ones and in order to solve some breathing problems. Rhinoplasty can improve looks and your self-confidence. Usually, this surgical intervention is performed on individuals that passed over puberty and thus all modification will be perfectly and realistically harmonized with the mature individual physiognomy.


here are risks involved in undergoing any surgery. When an experienced surgeon performs the surgical intervention, the complications are rare and usually minor. There are great differences between patients as regards the healing capacity, thus the outcome is never completely predictable. After surgery on the nasal pyramids’ tegument small red spots might appear due to the breaking of small blood veins. As for the scars they remain unnoticeable if closed method is applied and when the open method is applied they are slightly visible.


  • Do not eat or drink after midnight before the surgical intervention
  • Taking aspirin and drugs containing aspirin with two weeks before the surgical intervention is forbidden;
  • Usually, for women, the surgical intervention must be performed besides menses;
  • The surgeon and the anesthetician must be notified if any medical problems exist (blood pressure, vascular problems, heart attack, diabetes, lung problems, bleeding problems, epilepsy, neurological problems, allergies for different drugs);
  • The doctor must be notified if you have a set of plates or eye lenses;
  • If you smoke, plan to quit 1-2 weeks before the operation and do not start to smoke again for at least 2 weeks after the surgery;
  • Avoid sunbathing in excess before surgery, particularly in the abdominal area;
  • Do not follow a strict diet before surgery because it might delay the healing process;
  • If you catch a cold or have any infection the surgery must be rescheduled.


Rhinoplasty is performed under general anesthetic or under local anesthetic combined with light intravenous anesthetic. The surgery takes about 1 hour and the more complicated procedures may take longer. During surgery, the nose’s tissue is being separated from the bone and cartilage that are then shaped in the desired form. We perform closed surgical method, with incisions inside the nose, the open surgical procedure being applied only in more complex cases. After surgery, on the nasal pyramid a splint is attached which will be removed after 7 days. Stitches will cover nostrils for about 24 hours.


After rhinoplasty intervention a one-day hospitalization is necessary in order to be kept under medical care. During this period antibiotics are preventively administrated. Stitches are removed after 24 hours.


In the first days after surgery the patient might feel his/her face a little bit swelled with edema and ecchymosis especially on the lower eyelids. Thus, cold bandages must be applied to evidently reduce these symptoms. Usually, ecchymosis and edema persist in the first week. Moreover you must not be frightened if in the first couple of days after surgery you will have a light bleeding Until the end of the first week, the splint and surgical wires are removed. For two weeks difficult activities must be avoided because they can determine a high blood pressure that may determine bleedings. For the patients that wear glasses leaning on the nasal pyramid is highly forbidden for about 6-7 weeks. After the removal of the splint and for about 3 months a slight edema persists and in time it will fade.


Rhinoplasty contributes to a high aesthetic face balance, the outcome consisting in a high self-confidence.

This blog post is an educational resource only and does not replace a medical consultation with a doctor .

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Medical tourism in Romania. Plastic surgery, Rhinoplasty.

Medical tourism in Romania. Plastic surgery, Rhinoplasty.

Medical tourism in Romania. Plastic surgery, Rhinoplasty.

Medical tourism in Romania. Plastic surgery, Rhinoplasty.


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