Simple precautions to avoid dental injuries.

Simple precautions to avoid dental injuries.




Preventing common dental injuries :

Your teeth are like glass shells, they can only take a finite amount of wear and tear before they break down. There is a reason why there is so much emphasis on following simple sports safety procedures – it is to prevent dental injuries that have a particularly high risk of occurrence in sports because of they certainly involve a good deal of dental ‘wear and tear’. Here are some dental tips to follow to make sure that your teeth stay in good shape:

Stay clear of tough or extra chewy foods:

Popcorn kernels, hard candy, nuts, caramels and taffy are foods that everyone enjoys. But for those who have had dental work done to their teeth in the past, it is best to keep their consumption to a minimum. These foods only server to weaken your teeth that have already been affected by your existing dental injuries. There is a misconception that eating hard food items will make your weakened teeth ‘strong’ once again – It is far from the truth: Once you have developed a dental weakness such as tooth decay, the only thing you can do is prevent aggravating it – you cannot fix your teeth to the way they were before. In fact, eating tough food will only serve to loosen your dental filling.

Don’t sink your teeth into anything that isn’t food:

Many people use their teeth for purposes other than eating – cutting of threads, chewing pens, cracking hard nuts, opening bottles, or for nail biting. All these improvised uses of your teeth actually cause them to chip and crack gradually. It hits you one day when either you crack a tooth or loosen it from the gum, both of which can be seriously painful dental injuries that you can only avoid by constraining your teeth to their normal function.

Keep it safe when playing sports:

According to experts, sports injuries amount to 13% -39 % of total dental trauma experienced by US citizens. You will definitely have noticed the number of dental injuries that occur to those who play contact sports such as football, boxing and basketball (the latter being responsible for the majority of sports related dental harm). Wearing a mouth-guard is one of the most simple safety practices you can observe to prevent displacing, chipping or knocking out your teeth during an intense game. These mouth-guards aren’t even that expensive or rare – you can get them from any sports good vendor or you could go for one that matches the exact shape of your mouth, by having your dentist make it for you.

Conclusion :

The ways in which one’s teeth can get injured are seemingly trivial, you don’t give them much thought until you get hurt. And therein lies the true reason behind the occurrence of tooth injuries: we do not appreciate the fact that the teeth are vulnerable like our every other body part, which leads to carelessness and sometimes results in an injury. In fact, estimates suggest that over five million teeth are knocked out annually. By being a little more considerate towards your teeth and following simple sports safety recommendations, you could prevent dental injuries that amount to a net expenditure of $500 million per annum.

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