Spa in Romania. Spa resorts. Balvanyos.

Spa in Romania. Spa resorts. Balvanyos.

Spa in Romania,

Spa in Romania,

Balvanyos spa resort location:

Balvanyos is a spa resort in Covasna County , in the east of Transylvania and it lies at an altitude of almost 800 meters on the southern slopes of the Bodoc Mountains , at about 67 kilometers from Sfantu Gheorghe town . The spa is located close to the ruins of the 13-th century Pagan Citadels . The spa is one of several hydrothermal and volcanic features of the region. It lies 10 kilometers from the Santa Ana Volcanic Lake , which is unique in Europe . A geological feature locally known as “The birds  cemetery ” and which precipitates with sulphurated hydrogen emanation – is also located nearby.

Balvanyos spa resort therapeutic qualities:

The spa resort has been known for its health properties for centuries, but has only been commercially exploited as a spa since the building of nearby hotel in 1938.

Because of many therapeutic qualities of mineral springs and volcanic post emanations in the form of mofette , the spa resort offers to guests a holiday conditions , attractive scenery of the surrounding mountains and excellent opportunities for treatment.

Therapeutic use:

  • heart diseases;
  • neurasthenia;
  • rheumatism;
  • the sulphuric grota and mofettes are a natural viagra


– Sulphurous , carbonated , ferruginous , calcium , hypotone mineral waters and mofette.

What else to visit near this spa resort:

– The Wooden Monastery  Salt Lake

– Public Gardens- an  oasis of vegetation

– The “Water Tower”

-The Greek church built in 1872


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