Spa in Romania – Therme Bucharest.

Spa in Romania – Therme Bucharest.

Spa in Romania

Spa in Romania

     Therme Bucharest was open to the public on January 14 and is the largest thermal wellness and entertainment center in Europe, built greenfield in Romania , on an area of 250,000 square meters, with a total area of over 30,000 sqm and is a true “temple of thermal waters”, located in Bucharest, the Romanian capital. It is ideal for a spa day or even a holiday to get rid of daily stress and to feel again healthy and full of energy.

      With the opening of the center Therme Bucharest, the capital of Romania, Bucharest,  has become the largest thermal city in Europe. The investment in Therme Bucharest  was made by A-HEAT GROUP AG, Vienna-a based concern. The construction of the project Therme Bucharest  began at the end of 2013 and it was as challenging as building an airport, the total investment until the opening rising to about 50 million.

     Therme Bucharest is open to the public of Bucharest , to the  residents of neighboring towns and tourists offering an alternative of relaxation and fun completely new for Romania. The opening  of Therme Bucharest was in terms of visitors the most successful launch of such a center registered in Europe because over 55,000 visitors visited Therme Bucharest in the first two weeks. The wellness center  will offer all visitors, regardless the age or interests, the opportunity to spend every day of the year a few hours of wellness  or even a spa holiday.

     The entry ticket prices starts at 39 RON (10$). Thus, an adult will pay for 3:30 hours only 39 RON (10$), while one child having till 16 years old will pay 35 lei(9$). For 4:30 hours they will pay 44 lei(11$) (adult) and 30 lei(8$) (children 3 to 16 years). The price for a day at Therme Bucharest is 54 RON(14$) and 40 RON(10$) for an adult child in the Galaxy zone

     The investors say the project will open in March and one of the outdoor pools. In addition, in April there will be a means of transport between the city and the wellness center

     At Therme , the  thermal water from Bucharest is extracted from a depth of over 3,100 meters. The green spaces in the Therme complex form the largest botanical garden in Romania. Here, there are more than 800,000 plants, of which 25 species of palm trees brought from Florida (USA), Malaysia and Thailand. The swimming pool water temperature is 33 ° C and the air between 29 and 30 ° C . The thermal water has an unique quality in the world and the facility will recreate the atmosphere of a tropical vacation all year, being situated less than 10 minutes from downtown.

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