The benefits of dry and wet sauna.

The benefits of dry and wet sauna.




The benefits of dry and wet sauna:

Generally, into a dry sauna or a dry steam room , the temperature can get as high as 80 degrees centigrade. Because of the lack of humidity the heat is bearable and it significantly raise the body temperature. By elevating your body temperature you’ll have important health advantages, the most important being a better body’s metabolism and an improved circulation of all body fluids. At the same time, toxic chemicals are pulled out the body. It is also known the benefit of nicotine removal from the body with this occasion .

Rejuvenation in dry sauna:

A dry sauna has at the same time a rejuvenating effect because it opens the skin pores,  it relaxes the muscles and it dissipates tension , making you to feel generally good.

The benefits of a wet sauna:

The benefits of a wet sauna are : it produces a deep cleansing of the skin , hydrating and eliminating toxins, helping in reducing the wrinkles. Also, highly humidity will be an excellent remedy for respiration problems especially for people who suffer from chesty cough , asthma , sore throat. The humidity can relieve the throat problems , nose problems and chest congestion , being at the same time relaxing.  Humid saunas can be helpful in burning calories and energizing the body.


Taking a sauna on regular basis will provides you a better health and also it will helps you with anti -aging problems.

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