The Benefits of meditation for mind and body.

The Benefits of meditation for mind and body.



The Benefits of meditation:

After a session of meditation for only 2 minutes, all regions of the brain have won. The frontal lobe, responsible for planning, emotions and self-awareness, become relaxed. The parietal lobe, which processes sensory information and spatial orientation slows down its activity.

Also, the thalamus, the attention to the surrounding signals responsible , reduces its ability to process information.

Regular meditation has a number of advantages that involve memory, creativity and compassion.  They help for  a better ability to concentrate, even after these  exercises are finished.They decreases and the level of anxiety at the same time. This is because it weakens neural connections, which helps us for detachment of  what happens to us and helps us  to act rationally to the events around us.

Another benefit of meditation is  an increasing creative capacity.

In addition, meditation enhances empathy and compassion. People who practice meditation react better towards people in distress and intervening to alleviate sufferance.

Practicing meditation leads to a slower brain aging and a rare  appearance  of  neurological diseases associated with aging.

Also, meditation improves memory.

Choose the type of meditation that suits you:

– Meditation sessions are carefully supervised by an instructor supervisor, the best time for  them is in the morning and  in the evening. Meditation sessions lasting 15min – 30 minutes or even several hours.

– Depending on the type of personality or purpose of meditation sessions, you can choose the various techniques, the goal being a mental and emotional tension release.

Types of meditation:

– Taoist Meditation: The main aims of this type of meditation is  detachment and to  calm the mind and the body. By abandoning the daily  problems  we obtain a total detachment from concrete problems. The background music is one of relaxation, without lyrics, regulating breathing is very important.

– Zen Meditation: is indicated for pessimistic people, introvertite people who have panic attacks or depression. By Zen meditation the  dream state is reached, and the main purpose is calming the mind. The harmony of  the body and mind will  be reached after a few hours of meditation.

Reiki Meditation: the concentration style that underlies Reiki meditation is called Gassho and this word means “two hands together” resembles  to a prayer position. These prayers Gassho  are practiced  every morning and  every evening, the aim being  tension release ,  the tension accumulated during the day and getting  a relaxed state. Meditation sessions generally last 15 minutes.

Yoga exercises : Yoga is the most comprehensive and complete meditation technique. Yoga sessions improve nervous system, endocrine and circulatory systems.  They are used to reach maturity and wisdom. Yoga exercises banish stress and strengthens the immune system. Yoga sessions last 1-3 hours and the exercises are not  performed slowly like to the other types of meditation but they are  performed quickly by energy storage and  because the muscles are working , the body gets vitality.

This blog post is an educational resource only and does not replace a medical consultation with a doctor .

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