The importance of mineral waters consumption during the Summer. Benefits of mineral water.

The importance of mineral waters consumption during the Summer. Benefits of mineral water.

Mineral waters

Mineral waters

The importance of mineral waters consumption :

All mineral waters are primarily a source of hydration and recovery of minerals lost through sweat, especially in Summer.

  • Potassium metal is extremely important in achieving inhibition of nerves and muscle relaxation.. For example, if in Summer we expose  to  sunshine, we begin to lose potassium through sweat, and the  nerve cells will not have enough reserves to be able to reduce excessive activity of the brain who came into alert due to overheating. This causes the heart to beat faster, which is a hazard when the body is overheating. Arguably potassium mineral waters are the source of the easiest and most effective way to provide raw material for the brain and makes the heart to relax.
  •   Magnesium and manganese mineral waters are extremely important in accommodating the body quickly in high temperatures. Manganese is readily absorbed into the blood, particularly if the blood temperature is slightly elevated.  Manganese, acts on the cellular mechanisms, on  sweat glands and slightly dilated pores to remove water.Magnesium contained in mineral  waters  acts discrete  on brain cells, increasing the ability of the neurons to operate at extreme temperatures, especially  at heat.Magnesium , rapidly absorbed from  mineral waters has a  faster action than  magnesium taken from other sources and  it is fixed more quickly in the hypothalamus region of the brain involved in regulating body temperature

Constant consumption of mineral water in Summer reduces the risk of anemia due to iron they contain. In the Summer, the  minerals are  absorbed more easily than in other food or oral pills. It is quite known that in anemic conditions in which red blood cells that carry oxygen are scarce, cause a discomfort in hot weather and reduce the exercise capacity and reduce even a better mood.

Recommendations :

Romania has a great wealth when it comes to oligo mineral waters and minerals waters . Consuming Romanian mineral water, you will soon feel their beneficial effects on the body.

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