Tips for a healthy living.

Tips for a healthy living.



Tips for a healthy living – No.1-  Eat frequently peanuts :

Healthy: Peanuts consumption is associated with a low rate of heart disease. But it is very important that you buy fresh peanuts, so you must make sure they are not rancid. It is recommended to store them in a location away from moisture and air, so it is preferable to avoid buy them in bunch.

Tips for a healthy living – No.2- Take your daily selenium:

Healthy mineral: This special mineral has properties, it is a powerful antioxidant and anticancer agent. Appropriate levels of selenium helps the immune system to become normal. In the body, selenium has the role to contribute to cellular respiration to protect the hemoglobin of red blood cells, as well as to increase the efficiency of absorption and vitamin E. In addition, it has very beneficial properties mainly for the elderly.

Tips for a healthy living – No.3-  Take your daily fiber:

Healthy diet: A high fiber diet is associated with optimal control of blood sugar and also protect against several types of cancer. Soluble fiber can be obtained by adequate consumption of fruits, oats, barley and vegetables. Insoluble fiber are found in bran, whole grains and vegetables.

Tips for a healthy living – No.4-  Make breathing pauses:

Healthy breathing: Take breaks for breathing every now and then …. Deep breathing  gives away the anxious feeling. Usually  we have a jerky and shallow breathing, especially when we are stressed.  By deeply inhaling the air  and stretching the diaphragm muscle, we can control the pace, depth and duration of a healthy breathing.This way in the lungs will be inserted a greater amount of air, which means an additional amount of oxygen. The way we ending the breath is also important because it can get rid of some impurities resulting from the burning cell. Thus, we will obtain an improvement in pulmonary ventilation, the functions of the heart, liver, intestines, blood vessels.

Tips for a healthy living – No.5-  Take an evening stroll before dinner :

Healthy walk: Get a little walk before dinner. Not only will charge your lungs with fresh air, but allow brain cells to give you a good feeling and thus improve your metabolism. Have a daily walk, on average, only 9 minutes – by walking outdoors you will decrease the risk of heart disease.

Tips for a healthy living – No.6-  Take your last meal of the day as early as you can :

Healthy sleep: Eat as early in the evening. Avoid going to bed with “full stomach” because for your body it will be very difficult to burn the stored fat from the last meal. Moreover, a very late supper is known to cause serious sleep disorders.

Tips for a healthy living – No.7-  Add a little oil in salads:

Healthy meal: Black oils contain monosaturated fatty acids and natural antioxidants that bring the  heart health, and in addition, offer a taste for salads. The recommended oils for seasoning salads: refined sunflower oil (contains vitamins A and E); pure olive oil (to prevent cardiovascular disease and reduce cholesterol levels, with possible protective effect against cancer); sesame oil – is a heavy oil highly concentrated, mainly used in Oriental cuisine; coconut oil (contains omega-3 essential substances and it is good in preventing heart disease and arthritis, as indicated in the diet of people with intellectual and strenuous activities)

Tips for a healthy living – No.8-  Do gym to strengthen the muscles:

Healthy sports: For relaxation and comfort, it is recommended to do from time to time during the day a few minutes breaks to stretch muscles (stretching). It is useful for toning the body. The experts recommend a program of aerobic exercise three times a week, lasting 20-30 minutes. Perform a gentle warming before starting to avoid injuries or cramps inconvenient.

Tips for a healthy living – No.9-  Eat green food:

Healthy nutrition : The leaves of wheat, barley or any green vegetables give you a plus of  extra health by the enzymes and nutrients there are in their composition.

Tips for a healthy living – No.10-  Follow your schedule for rest:

Healthy life: Carefully plan your daily activities and do not forget to add in your agenda small and frequent breaks to relax yourself.

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