Treatment for alopecia, hair loss.

Treatment for alopecia, hair loss.



What is alopecia:

Alopecia is an inflammatory dermatological condition that affects the hair follicles especially from the scalp. Alopecia evolution is chronic, hair loss being localized on the head but also on the body. So far, have not been elucidated the etiology of alopecia, but it is an autoimmune disorder triggered by genetic predisposition associated with the environmental factors. Alopecia areata (only a portion or portions of the scalp are affected with hair loss)  can occur at any age, from birth to old age. Over 44% of people have alopecia areata onset before 20 years.  Also, there is androgenic alopecia which occurs in men and women causing a baldness pattern and this type of alopecia is associated with hormones inside the body that promote hair follicles to lose their functions. Other alopecia types are are: alopecia totalis (the whole scalp is affected causing complete baldness), and alopecia universalis (all body hairs are affected ).

Is there a treatment for alopecia?

There are several alternatives that can stimulate the hair growth and which can prevent hair thinning, breaking and losing it such as shampoos, creams, pills, herbal treatments, certain medication . However, rapid regeneration products and hair treatments are quite expensive. There is no completely effective treatment for alopecia areata, but in most cases, hair can grow back after about a year without any treatment. If all these non surgical treatments not work and if the problem is permanent and cannot be cured then there is a solution: hair transplantation surgery that can be done successfully.


Before starting with any hair replacement treatment be sure you know the cause by consulting a qualified physician. This way you’ll know what treatment for alopecia  is best for you.

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