Ultrasound therapy – as good as technology gets.

Ultrasound therapy – as good as technology gets.

Ultrasound therapy

Ultrasound therapy

Introduction :

Ultrasound therapy is a recently developed spa treatment technology that employs sound waves of very low frequency to safely conduct mechanical exfoliation, micro-amp healing and molecular penetration in order to counter the effects of aging on skin, get rid of acne and wrinkles, deal with rosacea and keep hyperpigmentation in check. Ultrasound treatment has been found to benefit all categories of skin types and tones. Clinical studies have, in fact, shown that this procedure can improve the efficiency of other skin treatments by up to ten thousand times. Its most obvious benefits are visible on the skins of those individuals who are suffering from conditions such acne or rosacea, besides those who are experiencing the symptoms of aging. The skin’s response to this treatment is dependent on its genetic makeup but generally, the changes are noticeable from the first ultrasound therapy session because of ultrasound therapy’s extensive skin enhancing / repairing abilities that include repairing damaged cells, boosting levels of elastin and collagen, hydrating the skin, and acting as a germicide!

The many perks of ultrasound treatment :

  • In terms of vibrations, a regular facial massage provides a mean three vibrations each second via the masseuse’s hands. On the other hand, ultrasound therapy gives 3 million such vibrations every second, essentially becoming a high frequency massage that can soften scars, improve skin elasticity and enhance skin tone quite drastically.
  • Whereas the regular facial massage just relaxes and eases the stretched muscles of the skin, ultrasound treatment goes beyond this – the friction caused by an ultrasonic massage increases the heat on the face which stimulates skin cell activity that not only improves skin tone by production of elastin and collagen but also improves the flow of blood to and from the face which causes an increase in the supply of nutrients and oxygen to it, thus aiding in the recovery from scars and other injuries. This enhanced blood flow also leads to better removal of toxic substances from the facial region by an increasing lymph flow.
  • A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine suggested that application of ultrasound therapy on the skin can dilate the spaces between cells present on its external layer. Once this is done, a topical skin medication can be applied, which can then be actively driven into the deeper layers by a second application of ultrasound. In this way, ultrasonic therapy can greatly enhance topical skin treatments.
  • Ultrasound therapy is quite the opposite of painful – the high frequency sonic waves create a soothing sensation on the body and completely safe. As such, ultrasound is a great alternative for those who want their skin to be rejuvenated in a completely painless, non-invasive and chemical free manner.

Parting thoughts :

In spite of the treatment’s non-aggressive nature, the results it produces are a rapid, noticeable and extremely effective at improving the appearance of the recipient’s face. The best thing about ultrasound therapy is that it doesn’t just work on its own to provide results; ultrasound treatment can be used in conjunction with other topical spa treatments to enhance and encourage their beneficial effects on the skin.

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