What are and how are used fat injections for facial enhancement?

What are and how are used fat injections for facial enhancement?

Facial injections

Facial injections

Fat injection in face vs  synthetic injectables:

There are nine different synthetic injectable fillers to improve your appearance through a cosmetic treatment of facial lines and wrinkles , but unfortunately none of them are permanent because being artificially materials the body will absorb or break them down so their plumping effect will disappear with time.

What are fat injections:

Fat injections are sophisticated  and modern solutions to most age related problems of the face. Because face loses its volume as it ages ,  restoring this loss in an elegant way with the body fat it is possible to restore the youthfulness of the face.

Advantages and disadvantages of fat injections:

Fat injections with fat from your body is a good injectable filler material but it has its own advantages and disadvantages. Due to the fact the fat is taken from your own body , your organism will never rejected and neither will cause any type of foreign body reaction problems. But, even it is your own tissue it is not a sure thing it will survive after being transferred to the new site . The part in which fat graft survives better is the face because here  there are needed smaller volumes of fat , in comparison with the rest of your body, and because the face has a very robust blood supply. Fat cannot be placed into lines and wrinkles in the skin. Fat grafts must be injected under the skin , which make them good for adding volume and for plumping facial areas . They can be used for lip and cheek augmentation.

How fat injections procedure is done:

Fat is injected and there are no incisions, no stitches, no scars, no wounds .  We can also use fat injection for other situations that are not necessary age- related such as: cheeks that look too flat  or thin lips.You have to know that not all the injected fat will survive the transfer but most of the fat will remain and will last many years. Fat can also be used around the eyes to create a lifted look to eye brows without using a brow lift surgery.

Facial fat injection procedure:

The procedure of having fat injections is generally quick and painless. The fat is extracted from an area rich in fat , this area will be anesthetized before the extraction and after the extraction the fat will be cleaned and will be injected into the areas that need it. When you have fat injections for the first time , their effect will disappear within 3- 6 months but after this if you repeat the procedure a few times , the results may start to last longer.

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