What are Fat injections ?

What are Fat injections ?

Fat injections

Fat injections

Fat injections : what they are?

The fat injections will help to transfer fat from areas that have excess fat, usually the abdomen and outer thighs, on the areas that may be lacking in volume, such as face, hands, breasts or buttocks. This cosmetic surgery procedure is well tolerated by the body because the fat tissue is taken from your own body.

Using the fat injection technique involves also the liposuction procedure to remove the fat before injecting.

The fat injection procedure is a cosmetic surgical procedure that is usually done under local anesthesia.

If it is necessary to collect a large amounts of fat, then you may need local anesthesia with sedation.

Where are used fat injections?

This method of injection, also called micro lipo injection,  can restore and improve your cheeks, your chin, the areas under the eyes, can add volume to the lips, can fill and improve the contour around the nose, the area between the upper lip and nose, the jaw line ,and may also be used for breast  of  buttocks augmentation.

When should you consider the fat injections?

  • When you have facial areas that appear bent or sunken,  to correct them or to give them volume.
  • If you want a more long time correction than temporary fillers .
  • If you want to improve your body contour or your face contour; for revision of scars, for rejuvenation of hands or face.
  • If you want a breast reconstruction in order to increase the volume of your breasts or to hide the obvious signs of breast implants surgery.
  • If you want to remodel or to enlarge your buttocks.

How long last the results obtained by injecting the fat?

The fat injection procedure usually lasts 30 minutes – 1 hour or more, depending on the patient, the amount of the fat needed to be injected and the other additional procedures  that are performed simultaneously.

The results of fat injections are seen immediately. The areas initially treated  will appear more enlarged and the swelling will disappear within a few weeks. The real results can be seen in about three months.

In general, approx. half of the injected fat  is absorbed back into the body in about 3-6 months. The follow-up with the surgeon who performed the fat injection procedure is the best way to ensure long-lasting results.

In the recovery period is recommended to avoid exposure to the sun and to renounce to makeup.

The possible complications that may occur by having fat injections:

  • infection;
  • fatty cysts;
  • bleeding;
  • fat embolism;
  • clear fluid pocket;
  • swelling;
  • bruising;
  • rippling;
  • lumpy textures;
  • fat atrophy

The disadvantages for the fat injections:

  • Over several months or even one year a part of the injected fat will be resorbed by the body and will be dispersed. Approximately one third of the original volume remains.
  • If the fat injection procedure is used for breast augmentation, this procedure cannot increase your breast  with more than with 1cup, maximum 2 cups.
  • Usually, the fat injection procedures is not usually covered by health insurance if  are not completed for reconstructive purposes.

The advantages for the fat injection:

  • Unlike other injectables used in cosmetic surgery, which are made of synthetic products, the fat injections do not present the possibility of having an allergic reaction because the adipose tissue is taken from your own body and is usually well tolerated by the body.
  • If the fat injections are performed since appearance of the first wrinkles  it can help to delay more invasive procedures  like a facelift, a forehead lift or an eyebrow lift.
  • The pain from the performance of a fat injections procedure is usually minimal in almost all cases. Their discomfort can be only at short-term and usually are given  oral analgesics.
  • The recovery after a fat transfer is relatively quick and easy compared to other plastic surgery procedures. Most patients can move and they can resume normal activities in the same day in which they had carried a fat injections procedure.
  • There are minimal scarring because it is needed only a few incisions.


Every year thousands of people use fat injection procedure and are satisfied with the results . Usually, people who consider the fat injections procedure take into consideration and other procedures such as: liposuction, botulinum toxin and fillers.

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