What do you know about Injectable fillers?

What do you know about Injectable fillers?

injectable fillers

injectable fillers

What do injectable fillers do:

Many doctors agree that injectable fillers can be the best solution for people with well defined wrinkles and creases or who have soft tissue loss.

What are injectable fillers?

Injectable fillers or dermal fillers are procedures used for plumping up fine facial lines and wrinkles . They are an attractive alternative to surgery  because it is less expensive and it can produce immediate results. The cosmetic surgeon will advise you on the appropriate type of dermal filler specific to your case.

Types of dermal filers:

– Temporary fillers: they are usually made from collagen and they are used  for plumping a specific area and temporary remove wrinkles. Temporary fillers  also give to the skin a smoother appearance. Before this cosmetic procedure a local anesthetic is administrated to produce a numbing effect and after this the filler is injected directly beneath the skin. This  cosmetic procedure takes about 30 minutes or even less and you can immediately return to work and to normal activities. The results last depending on how much substance is used and in what area it was injected.

– Semi – permanent biodegradable injectable fillers: they are derivates from collagen or hyaluronic acid or silicone derivatives. Hyaluronic acid gives a youthful ,fresh skin and a healthy appearance. Hyaluronic acid  is naturally occurring in the skin and it keeps the skin hydrated. If this substance is missing from your skin , this will cause the skin to appears old and dry. Hyaluronioc acid is suitable for plumping up mild and moderate lines around the mouth. It typically contains a natural anesthetic agent and because of this does not requires a local anesthetic. It’s  effects last between 3- 9 months and depends on the product that was used and the amount was used.

– Permanent or non- absorbable injectable fillers  : they look like a gel, they are injected under the skin  and they remain in place permanently.  Because this gel is very elastic, it moves with all facial expression.


Injectable fillers are a popular cosmetic treatment that can help you in wrinkle treatment and facial rejuvenation. They are used for treat naso- labial lines , forehead lines, facial scars , glabellar lines . Dermal fillers or injectable fillers can provide various benefits such as:  improve the volume and shape of your face, give you full plump lips ,  improve skin elasticity, treat acne, prone and uneven skin texture,  treat rough patches and fine lines.

This blog post is an educational resource only and does not replace a medical consultation with a doctor .

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Cosmetic Surgery - Fillers

Cosmetic Surgery – Fillers

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