What do you know about stretch marks ? Preventing stretch marks.

What do you know about stretch marks ? Preventing stretch marks.

Stretch marks

Stretch marks

What are stretch marks?

Stretch marks appear in your skin due to an excessive weight loss or weight gain in a short period of time.  You have to know that till now, a specific treatment for stretch marks to completely remove them and to return the skin to normal  is not available.

What options do you have to get rid of stretch marks?

Options used for stretch marks treatment include: techniques using laser, surgical procedures, medication. Laser surgery is a method used in the treatment for stretch marks but this method only makes stretch marks  to fade and is not able to completely remove them. This laser techniques is used in the stretch marks treatment in early stages when these stretch marks are darker in color and requires multiple sessions. You have to know that the results depend on your skin color and type.


Prevention is better than cure when dealing with stretch marks. They can appear anytime and anywhere in places where the body and skin rapidly expands and the skin tone and color will also determine the appearance of stretch marks. The best way to prevent stretch marks is to apply a special cream that prevents stretch marks to potential areas.

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