What is a medical tourism facilitator?

What is a medical tourism facilitator?

Medical tourism facilitator

Medical tourism facilitator

What is a medical tourism facilitator company ?

A medical tourism facilitator is a company or organization that provides options for healthcare in hospitals, clinics, health centers in one or more countries and at the same time offers you options for accommodation, travel and other services you may need during your medical travel abroad. Once you decide on a facilitator you’ll get various options for hospitals and travel available at their disposal , you can ask a medical tourism facilitator information on pricing , hospitals , doctors , travel arrangements and you can choose the option that suit you the best. A medical tourism facilitator is completely different than a medical tourism directory, because in a medical tourism directory you’ll find out hundreds of clinics that have not been checked by anyone and it will be difficult for you to choose from a super sized multitude of healthcare providers listed there.

What is the role of a medical tourism facilitator?

 A medical tourism facilitator has the role to select for you the best options for healthcare and travel you may have in a country, making it easy for you to choose the one suitable for your specific medical requirements. Also, comparatively with a medical tourism directory , a medical tourism facilitator will take care of logistics, documentation and travel needs, reducing your burdens.

A medical tourism facilitator do all the work to provide you with the best information about the service providers and they make sure the hospitals and doctors are properly certified. Also, medical tourism facilitators can help you budget your expenses due to their past experience and make you aware of the unexpected expenses. A medical tourism facilitator acts as your representative in appointments with doctors , hotel bookings and travel services by recommending the must see tourist spots in the city / country . A medical tourism facilitator is by your side and after your treatment in the postoperative phase, if you need any assistance with the service providers. A medical tourism facilitator will provide you with translation services if you wish and it will do everything possible to understand your needs and to accommodate you with the cultural differences.

You have to know that every medical tourism facilitator has a limited number of service providers they work with and you will be paying a premium for all the benefits you get by hiring a facilitator.

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