What is a mesotherapy treatment?

What is a mesotherapy treatment?




What is a mesotherapy treatment?

   The virtual mesotherapy is a modern alternative to traditional mesotherapy, a treatment that does not involves needles, anesthesia and recovery periods.
The virtual Mesotherapy represents an exceptional innovative therapy, being among the few treatments that allow in-depth introduction of the active substances. Usually, a cream ingredients only 5% actually get in depth. Through this treatment, a single application of the active ingredients can penetrate 95% deeper layers of the skin.

With an electric current, the mesotherapy device introduces into the skin structure the cocktail that contain vitamins, minerals, amino acids that it needs for nourishment and rejuvenation, stimulating the metabolism, blood microcirculation and with it the synthesis of new collagen fibers and elastin. The results are visible immediately after the treatment, the skin is visibly firmer, more elastic and brighter, with a rested and rejuvenated look, the effect being maintained for a longer period of time.

  The virtual mesotherapy uses simultaneously  two streams of electrical currents, with complementary effects:  the alternating current – rectangular , that creates a phenomenon called electroporation, which increases the skin pores approximately 400 times, which gives a high degree of permeability, causing a transient increase in blood flow. Basically, it allows a temporary opening of phospholipid barrier and it forms the passageways through which the active substances in serums that are used will reach the target cells.

  The galvanic current ( the continuously current) produces the  electrophoresis (electroosmosis) and is used in deeper layers of the skin for penetration of the active ingredients of the cosmetic cocktail. Depending on the issue addressed, it uses a particular cocktail that is applied directly to the skin, the substances being introduced into the dermis (middle layer of the skin) via a facial or body applicator. This technique allows an uniform dispersion of the substances in the deeper layers of the skin. It is a completely painless method of treatment consisting of a pleasant massage which offers a total relaxation. Having a low amperage whose intensity and direction remains constant over time, the galvanic current helps  to increase the cellular metabolism, causing a superficial vasodilatation.

  Along with dermoporatia treatment  it is used and the LED therapy – a complementary therapy which helps  with the burn fat, but it also stimulates a response from the immune system, strengthening the body’s ability to heal itself. Water retention and toxins are also reduced to a minimum. LED therapy is completely non-aggressive and non-invasive to the body. Although similar to laser, LED therapy is propagated on a larger area and it not emits  enough power to destroy the tissue, but to stimulate a self-healing response from the body. It also stimulates collagen production, reduces melanin production and has a complementary role in treating wrinkles, in muscle toning and in firming the skin.

   At the end of the session of physiotherapy is done  a cooling of  the surface of the treated area, using low temperatures to reduce tissue temperature. What immediately we  get is a series of thermo-regulating effects.

Recommendations for mesotherapy at the body level :

  The mesotherapy is useful for cellulite any degree, lumps of fat unsightly located in the shins, thighs, buttocks, hips, abdomen, arms, etc., areas with water retention , body shaping, stretch marks and scars. It is ideal for the treatment of the sensations of heavy legs and aching muscles  because it reduces the tension and it eliminates the effects of stress.

Recommendations of mesotherapy at facial level:

  The mesotherapy  is ideal for improving immediately with visible results the quality and elasticity of the skin ,activating  the process of reparation and restructuring the cell skin damaged by sun;  dry and dehydrated skin;  lack of firmness and elasticity of the skin; hyperpigmentation;  for a tired  skin  , etc.

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