What is a Vichy shower massage treatment?

What is a Vichy shower massage treatment?

Vichy shower

Vichy shower

What is a Vichy shower treatment?

Even Vichy shower functions are based on classic shower principles, the procedure is different : the patient is lying in a position of total relaxation on a special bed which may be with mosaic glass and this bed will be heated for thermal comfort. Above the patient, on a base of stainless steel there are 4 – 12 shower jets with adjustable flow that work simultaneously or alternatively depending on the selected program.

What is the difference between a Vichy shower treatment  and other showers?

The difference between Vichy shower treatment and other showers is a total relaxation of the body obtained during the massage jets, by stretching on the bed beneath showers.

Vichy shower is accompanied by a massage made by a massage therapist trained especially for this purpose , which alternates using a special massage technique the manual massage with the jests massage.

Vichy shower treatments benefits:

  • hydrating the body: this way it prevents fatigue and acne;
  • reducing stress: it stimulates the nerves responses;
  • reducing toxins: because it cleanse the body , the immune system will be more strength;
  • increasing blood circulation: it stimulates the skin to push up the blood to the skin’s surface.;


The result of a Vichy shower massage spa treatment will be a total relaxation of the muscles of the body , the elimination of dead cells and much more it will be obtained a soften skin and a mental relaxation, improving this way your overall health.

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