What is Lava Shells massage ?

What is Lava Shells massage ?



What is Lava Shells massage ?

The warm seashells massage – a therapy with Lava Shells massage represents  a new technique appeared in the West, in which you’ll be part of an unique and personalized ritual. Hot stone therapy belongs to the past, the warm  shells therapy is a meeting between health and beauty. Seashells  are 100% natural, carefully collected from Philippine shores, then sanded by hand to achieve a perfectly smooth surface and mated so as to produce a perfect massage tool.

Once arriving in spas, the shells are filled with a special combination of seaweed, mineral, black volcanic lava and seawater coming from the Pacific Ocean.  Because its chemical composition, there is a very high temperature, which can be kept a period of time to ensure a perfect massage that deeply unwinds muscles and stimulates  the blood circulation, generating energy and vitality. These shells are the first massage tool with internal heating system and they own 100% organic elements, without any external stimulus.

How Lava shells therapy is done?

The lava shells massage procedure starts with a total body peeling, after which the skin remains cleaned and cleared of dead cells. Then comes the massage therapist who holds with his hands the warm seashells that slip without interruption throughout the body.

In contact with the skin and under the influence of the therapist’s hands, the shells gradually release the heat. Lava Shells massage with warm shells combines different styles of massage techniques (relaxing, therapeutic, Swedish) by using  large movements alternated with short movements and techniques created specifically for the  mussels massage. When movements are large the shells become hot, and when movements are shorter, the shells become slightly cool.

A massage at high temperatures has a double effect, which you will feel on your skin. The heat penetrates deeply into the tissues and muscles stimulating the circulation and unwinds the area.
At the end of the therapy,  will not feel any  trace of back pain. And all under the influence of the heat. Also,  the oil with  the extract of mango will “irrigate” the skin to the deepest and dried  layer. This is one of the most interesting massages which you can submit , after which you will be more relaxed, you will have a smooth skin and a  big smile on your face. It is an unique massage that assures a deep relaxation and stress relieving effects  on the body!

The benefits of using Lava Shells massage :

– the natural shells keep the heat 10-12 times longer than volcanic rocks due to exothermic reactions they have inside –  being a natural chemical reaction,
–  the massage with hot shells can solve a series of health problems,
– it helps to  maintain the quality of  the largest unit of the human body – the skin
– it optimizes the tissue regeneration and it  reduces the scarring and stretch marks
– it has a positive impact on circulation and improves the lymphatic drainage,
– it stimulates the immune system leading to the body’s natural defenses,
– it relaxes the tired muscles and reduces the spasms and cramps overworked,
– It helps to the strength of weak muscles, even atrophied,
– you can obtain a 10 times more effective relaxation and deep massage than a normally
massage because it acts faster and deeper due to the heat,
– it helps athletes to recover from intense training to,
– it significantly reduces the fatigue,
– it has a real energizing effect,
– it increases the power of concentration,
– it reduces the depression and anxiety,
– it  helps with the release of endorphins – that act on the nervous system served as the painkiller,
– it combats the  headache and migraine
– it relieves the back pain resulting from vicious positions,
– it improves the sleep quality;

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