What is medical tourism and how a medical tourism facilitator can help you.

What is medical tourism and how a medical tourism facilitator can help you.

Medical tourism

Medical tourism

What is medical tourism? “

Medical tourism offers options for quality and affordable health care in various medical tourism destinations such as : Romania, India, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Ukraine, France, Germany, Portugal, Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, China, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Algeria, Morocco or other countries. Medical tourism helps people who cannot afford medical services in their country from various reasons : because treatments or surgeries are too expensive, because they don’t have an insurance coverage or insurance does not cover their desired medical intervention, because they need a immediate treatment or they need a better treatment compared to what they found in their own country. Or maybe they seek personalized care, or that treatment they are looking for simply is not available in their country, or the treatment they need is not accessible because of waiting list or medical services in their home country are accessible on some specific criteria. It is also possible the treatment they need to be illegal in their home country or to be considered unethical there.  At the same time, there are people who need more privacy regarding the treatment they do and they would like to do a medical treatment outside of their country. These are the reasons why medical tourism provides you quality and affordable services abroad.

Another reason they choose medical tourism is the fact the international treatment is better and gives opportunity for tourism.

Why medical travelers seek medical tourism services in another country?

In other words, people who seek medical tourism services in other countries need medical attention because of the lack of affordability , availability , accessibility and  acceptability in their home country health system.

Because of these factors medical travelers  are looking for medical services abroad , being preoccupied to find  the best medical tourism provider , to understand the cost, quality and care related  issues. When they are looking for a medical tourism destination they are interested in the main three factors: destination, the healthcare provider and the travel tourism arrangements.

What medical travelers take in consideration when they choose a medical tourism destination?

Concerning the medical tourism destination, they take in consideration things like social issues: the cultural aspect and the language . They also take in consideration political issues: visa, arrangements and even death body arrangements.

Concerning the healthcare provider, they take in consideration quality of care , the accreditation of the healthcare provider , transparency , complication during the medical interventions, preoperative care and postoperative care.

Concerning travel tourism arrangements they take in consideration : emergency and evacuation issues and a proper travel plan.

The support system they need is focused in four main areas: travel, healthcare, documentation, tourism /concierge.

How a medical tourism facilitator can help medical travelers?

Regarding travel , a medical tourism facilitator will provides for a medical traveler the best options for airline, for local transport and for his accommodation in the medical tourism destination the patient opted to have his medical treatment done.

Regarding the healthcare, a medical tourism facilitator company will identify for a medical traveler the best options for healthcare , will negotiate the price and will check the quality of care.

Regarding documentation, the medical tourism facilitator company will manage with the legal documents for a medical traveler and with his medical records and reports.

Regarding the tourism/ concierge part , a medical tourism facilitator company will arrange the tourism related services , translations, personal services.

In conclusion, a medical tourism facilitator is an agency with a team of professionals who offers a combination of complicated arrangements within medical tourism and is needed to meticulously deliver impeccable services.

Because of this “ Know- how”  , the medical tourism facilitator company is able to deliver to a medical traveler all the best for a medical holiday in another country. A medical tourism facilitator company knows how to get it done. It had a wide network of providers  and can help patients in selection of medical procedures, knows about complication associated with medical tourism and can educate patient about medical tourism.

A medical tourism facilitator company is able to negotiate for healthcare services , is able to  negotiate for unexpected expenses, can monitor healthcare expenses from providers and  can helps patient in budgeting.

A medical tourism facilitator company it will be with you at every steps, it helps you plan ahead, it helps you in case of emergency evacuation, it helps you when thing gone wrong and it can gives you travel and tourism assistance.

Hospitals / clinics/ health centers offer medical tourism  agents a commission for bringing in business and the commission is paid by the hospital and not by the patient ( in general a medical tourism company will profit from directing you to a hospital and you will not pay much more for the medical services).

A medical tourism facilitator company acts as your representative or arrange a representative in case of a difficult  situation.

A medical tourism facilitator gives you a continuum care and it should  act as reliable and sensitive consultant in your medical tourism process.

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