What is medical tourism, how medical tourism companies help ?

What is medical tourism, how medical tourism companies help ?

Medical tourism

Medical tourism

What is medical tourism:

Medical tourism is a popular method to get affordable and quality healthcare services in other countries such as Romania, Ukraine, France, Germany, Portugal, Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Algeria, Morocco,Turkey, or other medical tourism destinations for the reason that medical insurance in western countries has a high cost, thing that have  led many people not opting for medical plans in their countries. Medical tourism facilitators can help you and guide you through medical tourism process and make easy to navigate through medical tourism destinations , health care companies , agencies and providers. Medical care in medical tourism destinations is about getting the absolute best treatment that can be gotten and having greater access to different treatment types. Also,  medical tourism is often as much about the tourism as the medicine and it will provides you with recovery in the best places. Overall, your  vacation will be cheaper than having the medical services done in your country , reason why choosing medical tourism is one of the best decision you can make.

Why  to choose medical tourism:

Medical tourism helps medical tourists and companies because in last years, due to the high unemployment rates in the US and other countries, millions of people cannot afford health insurance. The low medical cost for a treatment in other countries is not the only reason why people choose medical tourism solutions, another reason for their choice being that there is no waiting time for medical treatment procedures in other countries. Patients needing health care accept to travel for medical help and a growing number of American medical tourists or medical travelers from other countries are coming for treatment in medical tourism destinations such as India, Turkey, Romania, Ukraine,  Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore,China, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Algeria, Morocco, France, Germany, Portugal, Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Australia, or other countries because medical services in these medical tourism destinations are excellent and affordable. Furthermore,  the benefits of medical tourism are overwhelming for medical tourists,  medical tourism companies  offer  well-planned medical tourism options and help medical travelers to choose.

For what to choose medical tourism:

People seek medical tourism for simple or complex procedures like cardiac surgery , hip replacement, knee replacement , dental surgery , plastic surgery because many of medical tourism destinations can offer high standards of healthcare. For these medical treatment procedures the most popular countries for medical tourism are: India, Turkey, Romania, Ukraine,  Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore,China, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Algeria, Morocco, France, Germany, Portugal, Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Australia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland,Argentina, Brazil , Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia,  Philippines, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand.  These medical tourism countries boast of highly trained doctors and state-o-art hospitals and medical clinics. Dental tourism is the biggest saver with medical tourism ( 70% – 80%) but even more complicated surgeries can save you a lot of money if you choose medical tourism. Beyond medical tourism costs, many people appreciate the superior service found  in famous medical tourism  destinations with best healthcare companies and doctors.

Medical tourism insurance:

Because many people decide to go abroad to resolve their medical problems, especially from the US , the UK and Western countries, this thing has opened the doors for medical tourism insurance but, currently very few medical tourism insurers cover medical tourism, even it is a growing demand for medical tourism services. It is possible in the next years to see soon major healthcare insurance providers offering people medical tourism options because the medical tourism industry provides solutions and is growing each year.


Medical tourism has many benefits, including the latest and greatest technologies and best doctors in top hospitals to treat foreign patients who don’t have other affordable alternatives for treatment. Even medical tourists are insured or under insured they choose medical tourism because of the lack of founding adequate or available health care at their home country. And because hospitals / clinics/ health centers offer medical tourism  agents a commission for bringing in business and the commission is paid by the hospital and not by the patient ( in general your medical tourism company will profit from directing you to a hospital and you will not pay much more for the medical services).  Because medical tourism can be complicated if you make your plans yourself , by choosing a medical tourism company you’ll get the desired medical tourism trip quickly and well organized.

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