What is oral cancer , causes & symptoms of oral cancer, screening & prevention.

What is oral cancer , causes & symptoms of oral cancer, screening & prevention.

Mouth cancer

Mouth cancer

What is oral cancer or mouth cancer:

Oral cancer is classified as head and neck cancer and can develop in any part of the oral cavity and oro-maxillo-facial areas. Most often, oral cancer begins in the tongue or floor of the mouth. Almost all oral cancers are characterized by the development of squamous cell plate covering the tongue, cheeks and lips areas.

Causes of oral cancer:

The number of cases of oral cancer increases from year to year. Experts say that one reason is that, in recent decades, the number of smokers has reached alarming levels. Most prone to this type of cancer are young men aged up to 50 years, and the explanation for this is that more and more men are carriers of carcinogenic strains of human papilloma virus (HPV). When oral cancer develops, it spreads in the body through the lymphatic system. Cancer cells (squamous) entering the lymphatic system are carried by lymph, appearing first near to lymph nodes located to the neck. It is important that any change in the orofacial level to be communicated to the doctor as soon as possible.

Symptoms of oral cancer:

 The first sign that should raise suspicion of disease is the exaggerated increasing of lymph volume. Also, it will be observed that, on palpation, they become hard and immobile. Frequently, this symptom of the disease is accompanied by difficulty in swallowing. Symptoms most often encountered in oral cancers are intense red spots, smooth, white spots or patches of mixed white and red, bleeding in the mouth, difficulty or pain upon swallowing, or swelling of a lesion located on the lip or in the mouth that does not heal, pain in teeth .

Oral cancer screening:

Oral cancer treatment is based on the stage of its development at the time of detection. To determine the evolutionary stage, there are some further investigation such as dental x-rays, CT or MRI.

Oral cancer prevention:

Since there are no scientific data on the susceptibility of individuals to oral cancer, there are other possible determinants thereof such as excessive alcohol consumption, sun exposure and personal history containing cancers of the head or neck. To prevent the development of oral cancer, smoking cessation and moderate alcohol consumption plays an essential role.

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