What is Phototherapy ?How does phototherapy works.

What is Phototherapy ?How does phototherapy works.



What is Phototherapy:

Phototherapy or light therapy is a light exposure that is more intense than light bulb , but not as intense as the sunlight. For light therapy are not used : ultraviolet light, heat lamps or lamps used for tanning.

In what consist phototherapy procedure:

Light therapy or Phototherapy may be useful in treating depression and may reset the “ biological clock “ which control the sleep and the waking.

Phototherapy consists typically, in placing the person in front of a high intensity fluorescent lamp every morning for 30 minutes to 2 hours.

How phototherapy works: :

Most people use light therapy to treat seasonal affective disorders, depression related to decreasing of the length of the day or with the reducing the sun light in autumn and winter months.

Most people who have seasonal affective disorders improve their mood after phototherapy  sessions treatment.

These problems may appear due to reduced sunlight rays and with the resetting the biological clock.

When phototherapy is used :

Phototherapy has maximum efficiency when it’s used in the morning after awakening. The doctor will indicate the right moments for phototherapy utilization after he will consult the patient.

Although the response to this therapy may occure in 2-4 days, in some cases it may take up to 3 weeks of therapy for relief of symptoms caused by seasonal affective disorders.

Some people with seasonal emotional disorders especially those who rise early in the morning can use phototherapy for 1-2 hours in the evening. Phototherapy is generally a safe procedure and may be associated with other types of therapies.

What are the side effects of phototherapy:

The most common side effects of phototherpy are: visual disorders, cefalee, agitation, nausea, sweating. These side effects can be eliminated by reducing the exposure time.  Also , people who have sensitive skin or eyes should not use phototherapy without an opinion from the doctor.  Normally, prior to begin an alternative therapy or when it is combined an alternative therapy with a standard therapy , it is important to consult a doctor.

The benefits of phototherapy:

  • Rejuvenate the skin;
  • It is a relaxing treatment;
  • Because it reduces oil production in the skin it also reduces blackheads;
  • It has anti-aging properties and it is a pampering treatment;
  • It speeds up the healing process;
  • It helps in acne or eczema problems


  • This blog post is an educational resource only and does not replace a medical consultation with a doctor .

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