What is Reiki? About Reiki healing.

What is Reiki? About Reiki healing.

Reiki healing

Reiki healing

What is Reiki:

The term Reiki is a combination of two syllables, the first of them – REI – meaning universal, cosmic, divine, spiritual, holy, and the second – KI – meaning having power, strength, life force . By combining these two syllables we can understand the true meaning of Reiki: Spiritual Energy, Universal Energy.


Reiki symbols:

The founder of Reiki system, Mikao Usui Sensei, gave the three symbols in the last part of its work, handing them to his masters trained by him to help students who had lower levels of sensitivity. He chosen as representation of Creation, Earth, Moon and Sun, associating each type of energy to each symbol. Earth represents all material things   – it is the body of God, the Moon- as we usually have associated with what is beyond material , impalpable, and the Sun that is – it is the mind and emotions of God,  the source of life.


Reiki therapy:

Reiki is more than a holistic therapy as one of its fundamental aims is to encourage the development and spiritual awareness. Typically, Reiki  treatment lasts about an hour, unless you combine it with other therapy. A Reiki treatment is a wonderful thing for anyone, regardless of age: infants and children usually love Reiki , pregnant women find that Reiki has a strong effect of relieving  both for them and the fetus, adults of any age will find it as a helpful treatment for any health problem or problem caused by stress.

Reiki is based only on initiation. This implies the existence of a master who clear the  main energy channel – this channel was open  at birth but it becomes a clogging birth channel around the age of 5 years. Initiation ritual takes place between a master and the one who wants to be initiated in Reiki.  For 21 days, the purification process occurs and dissolution of the energy blockages is done; once acquired this ability, it will be retained throughout  the life, no matter how much  it was used.


Degrees of  Reiki system:

-Grade I : provides maintenance of your own energies in a optimal connection with cosmic energy,

-Grade II is a higher level of evolution and stages; III and IV are specific only for masters, those with a special vocation for Reiki.

This blog post is an educational resource only and does not replace a medical consultation with a doctor .

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