What is dental decay and how can we prevent it?

What is dental decay and how can we prevent it?

tooth decay

Dental decay prevention:

Dental decay is a disease of the hard tissues of the tooth ( enamel, dentin, cementum) and it is characterized by progressive destruction until the complete elimination.

Dental decay does not occur suddenly and without any apparent reason.

It is a danger for any tooth since it appears in mouth.


Oral environment is complex, containing both beneficial elements ( minerals, salivary buffer ) and toxic substances ( acids secreted by plaque).

Prevention of dental caries :

– Consumption of sweets only with main meals and not between meals.

It doesn’t matter the quantity of sweets, but their consumption permanently split in small but frequent portions doses , and endangers the integrity of the enamel.

– For the infants, the consumption of sweetened liquids at night ( sweetened milk tea on bottle) or frequent sucking the teat dipped in sugar or honey of course lead to a rapid destruction of temporary teeth.

-Choosing less sticky sweets  that are less in contact with the tooth enamel.

Food less harmful : natural juices , homemade cakes , chocolate.

It seems that because of the fat content and cocoa, the chocolate and homemade cookies do not cause as much harm in the size for the enamel , as the products like caramels, cookies , sodas , ice cream, etc..

– Cleaning teeth with fluoride toothpaste and rising with mouthwash with fluoride.


The tooth brushing must be done twice /day , and the evening is mandatory before bed.

After meals, clean spaces between teeth with floss or silk thread , not tooth picks.

This blog post is an educational resource only and does not replace a medical consultation with a doctor .

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Medical tourism in Romania.Dental tourism.

Medical tourism in Romania.Dental tourism.


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