What’s new in dentistry? Modern dental treatments & technology.

What’s new in dentistry? Modern dental treatments & technology.

Dentistry.Dental clinic. Dental technology.

Dentistry.Dental clinic. Dental technology.

Modern dental treatments and dental technology:

A visit to the dentist is something that terrifies an astonishingly large number of people, regardless of age. Adults and children alike are hesitant about getting dental treatments and may even try to avoid or postpone it. But thanks to the scientific revolution of the 20th and 21st centuries, dentistry, like many other fields of medicine has progressed by leaps and bounds.

The latest dental technology has made life easy for dental experts and patients alike:

In-vision: Let’s face it. The scariest thing about getting your teeth fixed is the sound and sensation of the dentist working inside your mouth. Lengthy dental treatments and procedures that involve drilling with its disquieting feel and noise can now be made a breeze thanks to the latest in-vision dental technology. It looks something like those advanced 3D gaming glasses and lets the patient enjoy the complete experience of watching television while their dentist takes care of their root canal. Dentists who have invested in this technology have affirmed that it distracts their patient remarkably well during the dental procedure.

 Modern drill replacements:

The traditional drill has always been a source of dread for most patients, but now there are a number of far more appealing alternatives available:

Air abrasion: This is a recent dental technology in dentistry that has become fairly common now thanks to its reduced noise production and comfort provision for the patient. It works by firing a jet of miniscule gritty particles at the tooth to do the drill’s work.

Lasers: A number of high precision, efficient laser dental tools have been developed that cut through the diseased tissue of the tooth, and remove decay without any of the unpleasant drilling sensations.

Carisolv: This is a proprietary gel developed by a company in Sweden that makes the decaying area of the teeth pliable enough to be removed using scraping tools with considerable ease so the patient doesn’t have to feel the drill against their teeth.

Cad Cam:

This truly ingenious advance in dental technology eliminates the problem of gag reflex when you’re getting dental treatments such as having a bridge or crown fitted in, or a cavity filling. In the old days, the dentist would have to place a plaster mold to create a shape that mimicked your teeth which would lead to many patients experiencing a choking feeling. Cad Cam is a computerized imaging technique that uses a pen-sized camera, inserted in the mouth, to get a three dimensional picture of your teeth with a very high degree of accuracy, allowing the dentist to create a crown, bridge or cavity filling that is perfect for you.


Older dentistry procedures are fast becoming obsolete as most dentists today have adopted some form of latest dental technology, because not only do they eliminate the stereotypical phobia of dental treatments they have also proven themselves to be far more superior in terms of efficiency e.g. Cad Cam and non-invasiveness e.g. air abrasion compared with older dental methods. The new dental technology will definitely give them more confidence to visit their dentist for a dental inspection.

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