Medical tourism

Medical tourism

Why to choose medical tourism in Romania?  If you are thinking of traveling to a cost-effective , convenient and beautiful European destination for medical treatment , you need to look no further than relaxing Romania. No matter whether you’re interested in eco-tourism , ancient history ,medieval cities or simply looking for a place to relax and be pampered before , during or after your medical  procedure , there is a destination here waiting for you. Romania is known for its beauty as well as it’s captivating culture. It is also home to World renowned Doctors and Hospitals and is an increasingly popular medical tourism destination choice for the discerning medical traveller.

Over the last few decades , the medical system in Romania has developed a strong private sector which offers patients a high standard of medical care. The Romanian medical tourism industry has grown considerably in recent years and privately owned hospitals and clinics provide a wide range of surgeries , treatments and medical services to medical travelers  as well as to Romanian locals , with facilities easily comparable to those in Western European countries.

The most popular procedures areas for patients traveling to Romania are plastic surgery, dental treatments , wellness and spa treatments and cost is a major factor in many patients decision to seek medical treatment in a beautiful country. Procedures usually cost far less than in Western European countries and traveling to Romania for treatment can be combined with a wonderful holiday and still cost only half of the price for the medical procedure alone in many other countries.

Romania is enjoying an ever-growing visitors traveling from all over the world to visit its stunning , undisturbed forests , fantastic mountain scenery , great diversity of wildlife , historic cities and famous castles , not to mention the beautiful villages where visitors can experience a slice of Romanian life.

Romania is also becoming a top choice medical tourism destination  for health tourists. The fresh clean air and the beauty of the surroundings make it a perfect place to relax after any type of medical treatment.

Romania has an unique culture and you can expect a warm and sincere welcome from locals , whether you are exploring in town or out in glorious countryside.

Although Romania is a relatively new medical, dental and spa tourism destination for  medical travelers , it has been embracing visitors seeking natural spa treatments for hundreds of years. Resorts offering thermal and mineral waters , therapeutic mud and salt caves are still popular today.

Alongside these natural treatments , Romania now provides high class , well equipped private dental and plastic surgery clinics and great healthcare to medical tourists at a fraction of the cost of US or Western European treatment.

In Romania , you can experience history, beauty and charm as well as enjoying low prices . Experience medical tourism in a country in the heart of medical excellence , where you have a choice among doctors, clinics and health centers  ; you have legal rights , political stability , no malaria and other tropical diseases.

Romania is a medical tourism destination with so much to offer both patients and tourists making it the perfect destination for medical travelers.


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