Why should you go for acupuncture?

Why should you go for acupuncture?




Cosmetic acupuncture:

Cosmetic acupuncture it is also known as facial rejuvenation, is a skin treatment that works by the application of needles on certain points of one’s face. It has been used in Far Eastern culture for a long time as a beauty enhancement and anti-aging treatment, particularly in China. Its popularity in Western societies such as the US has only grown in the past two or three decades.

The procedure is identical to that of general acupuncture. But unlike medicinal acupuncture, which is performed for treating ailments and medical conditions, its cosmetic counterpart aims to increase collagen levels right beneath the skin which cause wrinkles to fill up and skin to become plump. The results are quite comparable to those of conventional cosmetic procedures such as Botox or plastic surgery. Cosmetic acupuncture is just like any other acupuncture treatment in its philosophy – its goal is to harness the body’s Qi – or life force – and balance the energy inherent in all individuals, leading to a sense of general well-being.

The pros of cosmetic acupuncture:

  • Completely natural and thorough – No foreign substances are injected into the face as in the case of Botox and whereas that latter only works in specific regions of the face, cosmetic acupuncture enhances the complete facial area. Because it does not require chemicals to work, it an excellent alternative for people who aren’t comfortable with conventional treatments such as Botox or chemical peels.
  • Stoppers age effects-This procedure causes the wrinkles, frown lines, smoker’s lines and smile lines that become increasingly pronounced with age to become greatly reduced or disappear altogether, thanks to its action that promotes the production collagen in these regions.
  • Makes your skin glow-Besides its effects to counter age, this procedure enhances your face’s texture and color, as well as smoothening and tightening the skin on it. And it does this in a gradual, natural manner as opposed to the drastic and totally invasive facelift surgery.
  • Increases well-being-Aside from the usual cosmetic benefits, this procedure, because of its energy balancing principle, works to establish a sense of harmony within the person’s body. This is unlike Western cosmetic treatments that focus on just the face and tend to ignore the effects on the rest of the body.


The only thing that should be kept in mind prior to opting for this skin treatment is that one does not suffer from any particular health conditions. If this is the case, the acupuncture practitioner must be informed and consulted with prior to the treatment.

Which age group is most suitable for this treatment?

Cosmetic acupuncture is most effective on those individuals who are in their mid-thirties, since this is usually the time when the preliminary signs of aging begin to appear around the eyes or mouth. People in this age group can work proactively to delay these symptoms of aging before they begin to get noticeable and maintain a healthy visage while at it. At this stage, the procedure actually stops the onset of age.

This does not mean that those people who start out late cannot benefit from cosmetic acupuncture: those who are in their late forties or mid-fifties can also undergo this skin treatment to minimize the signs of aging that have already appeared on their faces.

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