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Medical tourism in Romania

Medical tourism in Romania

Dental tourism also known as dental vacation or dental holidays is a branch of medical tourism and in Romania dental clinics and dentists has become a valuable choice. Dental tourism in Romania and dental holidays in Europe is growing.  Dental tourism is attractive in Romania for many medical travelers. By choosing dental tourism you will find best dental clinic in Romania, top dentist for your dental implants, other dental works or treatments and the best dental prices and services for your dental treatment abroad, in Romania. Dental tourism being a niche segment of the medical tourism industry, it recognizes that dental tourism has a rapid growth, and Romania due to dental prices attractiveness complemented by high specialization on international standards of the Romanian dentists , by the large number of existing dental clinics and by the short period of dental treatment,  starts to become an important destination for dental tourism. Relevant international medical tourism reports already have presented Romania as one of the most popular destination for dental tourism in Europe, dental tourism in Romania being one of the appreciated candidates for dental tourism in the world, offering dental services comparable to other recognized dental tourism destinations, many foreign tourists choosing dental tourism in Romania for dental services such as dental implants, crowns, whitening, veneers, dentures, fillings etc. Dental tourism in Romania  offers you a wide range of dental treatments and by choosing to travel in Romania for dental tourism you will find out in our dental clinics many advantages related to cost and a variety of dental offers , options and packages  :

  •   cheap dental treatment prices provided by affordable cost dentists in Romania;
  •   possibility of performing complex dental procedures in short time;
  •   a variety of dental offices in Romania: free dental clinic, emergency dental clinic, family dental clinic, low income dental clinic, 24 hour dental clinic;
  • all forms of dentistry in Romania: cosmetic dentistry, aesthetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, laser dentistry, general dentistry;
  •  best dentists in Romania : periodontist, orthodontist, dental hygienist, oral surgeon, paediatric dentist, prosthodontist, endodontist, general dentist.

Dental clinics for dental tourism in Romania are endowed with last generation apparatus and the warranty of quality for the dental works or treatments is ensured by top dentists, extremely skilled and experienced professionals due to years of dental practice. All major dental specialists in Romania are famous in their dentistry fields; our dentists in Romania have enhanced their skills and knowledge by attending various medical dental specializations, reason why by having a dental tourism in Romania trip you will enjoy an exceptional quality of dental services.

Dental tourism, being one of the most popular branches of medical tourism has emerged as a result of the very large difference of prices in dental practices in Western Europe and the United States or Canada compared to the countries as Romania. In essence, dental tourism can be defined as a vacation that the patient do to get  higher quality dental treatment at a low price and to enjoy a holiday in that country. In Romania, dental patients can easily choose to combine the utility of a dental treatment with leisure and tourism. Today it is much easier for a , dental patient to reap the benefits  that  dental tourism  offers, because  prices are affordable and dental services  are qualitative , with added advantage of sightseeing tours  and touristic objectives to visit  in the country. The most popular dental services required by foreign patients who come in Romania are dental implants, crowns, dental  fillings , root canal surgery and cosmetic dentistry. When they decide to travel  and to seek Romanian  dental services, they  prefer to come here for a comprehensive treatment plan that will solve all their dental problems. Because of this, our dental offices and clinics in Romania have teams of dentists who can provide a wide range of dental services so the patient can end his vacation in Romania with perfect teeth. Dental tourism offers real value and comfort for many dental travelers because they can save time by sending X-rays and medical histories in advance to our medical travel company. Many dental travelers opt for these vacancies for financial savings, but the good planners can even enjoy these trips combining major dental treatments at a reduced cost  with a real exciting itinerary, making these treatments more pleasant.


With our consultancy for  dental tourism in Romania company you will find:

  •   best dental clinics in Romania;
  •   best dental implant cost in Romania;
  •   high quality dentistry in Romania;
  •   exceptional dental offers or packages for cosmetic dentistry in Romania;
  •   modern equipment in dental clinics Romania;
  •   experienced physicians and dentists in Romania;
  •   quality dental service in Romania;
  •   correct sterilization in dental office or dental hospitals in Romania;
  •   quality materials for dental works or treatments in Romania;
  •   affordable dental tourism in Romania cost;
  •   elegant atmosphere in  a Romanian dental clinic.
  • affordable dental travel tours

 Contact us to schedule your advice for dental tourism in Romania trip with a dental appointment in Romanian dental clinics! Why would you neglect the state of your teeth? Talking, eating, drinking are things you do every day. All of them are much easier if you do it with healthy, strong teeth and a nice smile. The dentists in Romanian dental clinics are at your service to take care of your dental problems offering you quality and comfort in dental services ! They will do for your dental treatment much more than you expected, to have healthy teeth and a beautiful smile !

Below, we invite you to check our information about dental tourism in Romania , with special offers , and you’ll see at each  dental clinic in Romania dental procedures and  dentist prices or dental packages for your dental holidays in Romania. Dentists in Romania are affordable and very good professionals. We counsel you only with top dental clinics in Romania and top dentists Romania and we provide you high quality advice for dental tourism in Romania services  with a variety of dental treatment in Romania options.

 Please note:

The dental prices shown below are guiding dentist price lists of your dental treatments in Romania, your final dental cost will be fixed by the clinic in a personal dental treatment plan (which depends mostly on personal health condition).

As you will see, by choosing dental tourism in Romania you will enjoy dental prices  50% – 60% lower than the average prices in Western Europe, U.S or Canada. Also dental procedures performed by dentists in dental clinics in Romania are among the most highly appreciated in the world, reason why dental tourism in Romania can be a good choice for you.


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