Medical tourism Romania

Medical tourism Romania

Our medical tourism company offers consultancy and facilitates medical travel services for dental treatments, cosmetic dentistry, plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, spa treatments in spa resorts and other medical treatments / surgeries in  medical tourism destinations   such as Romania, India, Turkey , Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore,  and other countries .

In Romania, medical tourism developed quite nicely: there are top medical clinics and last technology apparatus, as well as worldwide known doctors and surgeons. Prices here, in a dental clinic, plastic surgery clinic or spa center are very affordable and the quality of medical services is really high. In all our medical tourism destinations you save a great amount of money while you visit a wonderful sightseeing country. In India there are state-of-the-art Hospitals and the best qualified doctors. With the best infrastructure, the best possible medical facilities, accompanied with the most competitive medical tourism  prices, you can get the medical  treatments done in India at the lowest charges. Medical tourism in India offers World Class Medical Facilities  comparable with any of the western countries. With its top quality medical , spa , wellness and thermal facilities and 5* hotel accommodation in all major cities , Turkey already  attracts  patients from Europe and other countries.

INTERMEDLINE, as medical travel consultancy company and facilitator, has in its network the best hospitals, clinics and health care centers in order to provide you excellent medical services and affordable health care services abroad.

All medical facilities present in our medical tourism offers were  checked by our partners  and we chose the only ones which fulfill all high standards.

The  physician collaborators we have in our medical tourism destinations are best doctors both nationally and internationally, they have all required background for you to benefit of exceptional medical services , because of this we invite you to take advantage of our advice for tourism dentistry offers, travel surgery offers, spa tourism offers.


We offer counsel for the best healthcare services in medical clinics, hospitals abroad  and the best doctors overseas at affordable prices, from which you can choose rapidly  and confidently the medical offer corresponding from all points of view to your requirements.

We are also preoccupied to provide you a quality information for a  beautiful and cheap medical vacation and for this we will present you  advice for our medical tourism offers regarding the best hotels and travel tours for your stays, days, breaks or weekends abroad during your medical or spa holidays.

Our main goal is to reach your highest expectation regarding your medical travel vacations or medical tourism trips  and to hear that you are healthy and that you regained your smile  and happiness ! Resolve your health problems with affordable medical bills and international medical tourism options.


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