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Medical tourism Romania

Medical tourism Romania

International medical tourism,  consultancy agency ,   Have you ever thought that you can benefit from  affordable health care services in another country by using medical tourism advice? A country which offers you the best medical  tourism services, low cost medical treatments, but also great sightseeing and relaxation. Going to our medical tourism destinations  such as Romania, India, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Israel and other countries in which we provide for you information and solutions with excellent prices,  to solve your different health issues by medical treatment that may be too expensive in your home country, is more than useful especially for dental, plastic surgery and medical spa . As the costs of medical treatments or surgeries for medical tourism destinations overseas are reasonable and the medical tourism quality is high, traveling for healthcare abroad has become an extremely popular medical tourism option for many people from all over the world. Dental care, plastic surgery, complex surgeries and spa treatments in Romania, India, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Israel or other countries we have as medical tourism destinations are very well known and appreciated for their highest quality and affordability. You will find out a good medical tourism option and cheap dental work performed by dentists, low plastic surgery prices for facial surgery or body surgery performed by the most appreciated plastic surgeons in these medical tourism destinations and other surgeries and treatments including affordable spa treatments for your spa breaks, spa days or spa weekends.

The costs of cosmetic dentistry, plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery as well as for an entire range of medical services may be much lower in other medical tourism destinations than in your country and it could help you save important amount of money. In our medical tourism countries you will find with us advice for the best cost dentists abroad, best cost plastic surgery overseas, trained  surgeons for complex surgeries and cheap medical and spa treatments as well as great information about wellness packages for your medical holidays or medical tourism trips. The quality of medical treatments and surgeries on international medical tourism offers is comparable and often better than those received at home, many of doctors in medical tourism destinations we have on our website being certified in prestigious medical associations.

The doctors, partners to medical tourism process, have a high level of excellence in medical field but also have an exquisite sense of aesthetics always respecting their patient’s likes and needs. This is the reason why they have been appreciated and recommended by their patients. We’ll always have for you advice for the dental offices you may choose in our medical tourism destinations a good oral surgeon, orthodontist, periodontist, dental hygienist, prosthodontist, pediatric dentist or a general dentist with affordable dentist prices for dental procedures, who will offer you the best dental services to resolve your dental problems. For surgeries, the plastic surgeons are specialized in facial plastic surgery , body surgery and reconstructive surgery. They are experienced surgeons with many plastic surgery interventions very well performed and cosmetic surgery prices are moderate.

Our medical travel company, offering consultancy,  is one of the best facilitator and medical tourism provider of information , who has in its network top private clinics, hospitals and health centers  in Europe: Romania, Hungary, Poland, Croatia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, United Kingdom ; Asia: India, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore,  Israel, United Arab Emirates; North & South  America: Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Dominican Republic; Africa: Morocco, Tunisia, South Africa and other countries worldwide   for dental, plastic surgery, complex surgeries or treatments  and spa. We offer you counsel for the best dental clinics, cosmetic surgery clinics fully endowed with last generation apparatus, top hospitals and affordable spa treatments in the best spa resorts. You will be treated by the best cosmetic dentist and best cosmetic surgeon or best doctor at the best prices for medical treatments abroad. We carefully selected in our network medical clinics, hospitals, doctors, other facilitators based on the most important factors: excellent results, experience, services and affordable prices for healthcare services.

Why are the medical treatment costs lower in the international medical tourism offers? Compared to the USA, UK, Canada and the West Europe, the travel health or medical tourism cost advantage comes in with the low cost of living and wages in  medical tourism destinations we have on our medical tourism consultancy and facilitator website. Our medical travelers are attracted not only by low prices of the medical treatment abroad but also by the high standards of affordable health care services, medical equipment, modern technologies in hospitals as well as top quality materials for medical procedures.

Our medical tourism company , specialized in consultancy,  helps you pay the correct medical bills price. All medical travel services advised  by us are very affordable: if you compare the dental charges, cosmetic surgery prices, other treatments and surgeries costs or  wellness and spa price list with those of your country, you will see the difference. No clinic at your home could ever offer this combination of healthcare services, quality and low cost medical treatment prices.

At INTERMEDLINE, we have one single goal for individual medical tourists: to provide you high quality, great healthcare advice for services and to present affordable medical tourism options for each individual patient, because that is what you are, an individual with a unique set of circumstances, symptoms, health problems and healthcare needs. We also provide advice regarding  medical tourism options for companies and we strive to offer the best medical tourism deals according to their needs.

As a result, INTERMEDLINE as a medical tourism company, offers you consultancy in a broad range of best medical tourism packages and options which address to medical travelers and companies from abroad, on our featured medical tourism destinations : Romania, Hungary, Poland, Croatia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, United Kingdom , India, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore,  Israel, United Arab Emirates,  Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Morocco, Tunisia, South Africa and other countries worldwide where you can find out a whole range of medical treatments or surgeries performed in quality hospitals in those countries.

As one of the best medical tourism providing advice, we offer you:

  •   information regarding top private clinics abroad and the best doctors;
  •   information about affordable medical tourism destinations;
  •   information regarding cheap cosmetic dentistry and dental surgery abroad;
  •   information about best plastic surgery prices , services and surgeons;
  •   information regarding top hospitals and doctors for various surgeries and treatments
  •   information about  top spa resorts and spa treatments.

As travel services, we can offer you advice for :

  •  affordable and cozy accommodation near the private medical center abroad you have chosen;
  •  transfer airport – accommodation to/from medical facilities
  •  travel arrangements, providing tours with professional guides for your medical vacations
  •  special medical travel services on request (translator, body- guard, babysitter, personal assistance: healthcare, shopping, transport, entertainment, laundry, beauty services, etc.).

You should never have a feeling of discomfort when traveling for medical treatments and surgery abroad, because we take good care of your needs and we provide you a friendly advice for  all time of your staying abroad.

With INTERMEDLINE as a medical tourism advisor and facilitator, you will enjoy a great and affordable medical vacation abroad responding to your different medical treatments needs that  will allow you to reach  not only the body and shape you always dreamt of, but also the happiness that you looked for during so many years. We are completely committed to make your medical travel plan to be a much more than a life changing medical treatment procedure; to also be the best medical holiday of a lifetime for you, family and friends.

* For more information we recommend you to visit our frequent questions on our medical tourism website and also we invite you to visit and find out useful healthy tips and comment on our medical travel blog.





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