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What is chemotherapy?

How effective is chemotherapy? Depending on the disease or its stage, chemotherapy may be curative solution,  healing a sick organ , or a complementary therapy to a surgical intervention  or radiotherapy. The principle of chemotherapy is to destroy cells, which, within the tumor, are able to reproduce themselves indefinitely. All anticancer drugs participating in this destruction have a more or less toxicity formula and this can affect the blood, the […]

Bone marrow transplant.

Bone marrow transplant process: Bone marrow transplant is a procedure that belongs  to hematology and oncology, being performed for patients with certain cancers of the blood or bone marrow. In these cases, the recipient’s immune system is destroyed with radiation or chemotherapy prior to transplantation. Bone marrow transplant is a complex procedure with many possible implications. Many recipients of bone marrow transplants are patients with leukemia or multiple mielon which […]

What’s rectal cancer?

What’s rectal cancer: To understand the manifestations of rectal cancer you need to know first some details about rect. The rectum is the terminal portion of the large intestine, where it  is temporary storaged the faeces, before being discharged from the body. The rectal cancer often causes no symptoms and it is discovered to digital examination or routine proctoscopy. The changes in bowel habits may include: diarrhea, constipation, fecal shape […]

How magnetic therapy works.

Magnetic therapy history: Magnetic therapy was used for its healing powers in the ancient Indian and Chinese  cultures . Also Greek and Egyptian cultures embraced it , using extensively in a medical treatment because it has proved to be a very effective alternative treatment. Why to use magnetic therapy? Magnets are great agents in focusing the heat along with improving blood circulation to relieve pain. Also, magnets help in production […]

How it is done the mustache transplant?

Why mustache transplant: A mustache transplant can help men because the custom of wearing a mustache is increasingly common in the West and in the Middle East. However, men carried always permanently a mustache. Also , for men who have a more youthful appearance, a  mustache is a way to make them  look more mature. How is done mustache transplant: The mustache transplant procedure (Facial hair transplantation) consist in follicular […]

How to treat varicose veins .

Are varicose veins bad? How varicose veins look like? Varicose veins represents the loss in the  elasticity of veins,  the location of the disease is most common in the legs. By location, they can appear on legs (when they say varicose veins, doctors usually refer to dilated veins located in the legs),  genital, on esophagus. Although there are various causes and some factors raise or contribute to this, from genetics […]

Double chin removal

What is double chin: Double chin can be a fold of skin filled with fat. This occurs more frequently in people who have excess of weight but not only. May occur in people with small chin or a chin located further back than it should be.  Double chin removal procedures: If there is a fat excess, a facial liposuction can be done, consisting of extracting the surplus of fat. As […]

Chin augmentation with implant. Mentoplasty.

What is chin augmentation with implant? The chin is an important element of the physiognomy of a person, but sometimes its imperfections regarding shape, size or appearance, need adjustments, large or small, to get the best possible harmony between facial features.A chin implant surgery or mentoplasty is a surgery which alter the shape and size of the chin. Chin augmentation procedure aims at achieving a balanced profile, matching the nose […]

Does tattoo removal work?

What is a tattoo: A tattoo represents the impregnation with a synthetic or vegetable dye and is made with a needle through repetitive movements, vibrations in skin. It performs multiple perforations in the dye remains. Normally these perpendicular channels to the skin surface have a little depth and not exceeding the thickness of the skin. Subsequently, in the tissue occurs an inflammation as a result of this dye presence and […]

Chemical peeling for skin.

  What is chemical peeling: Chemical peeling is a cosmetic dermatology method used in order to remove dead cells from the skin to stimulate the function of the deeper layers. How chemical peeling is done: Chemical Peels (also known under the term of peeling) can be classified in two categories, depending on the action: mechanical and chemical. Mechanical peeling action uses exfoliating granules and abrasive particles contained in the various […]